The Super Bowl is today and as I do every year, I am going to use astrology to predict the winner. Some years my predictions have been spot on, and other years I have not lived up to the task, so take this with a grain of salt, I would be rich if I could predict the outcome of the Super Bowl every year.

This game is between two offensive powerhouses. The Philadelphia Eagles headed by the outstanding Jalen Hurts as QuarterBack vs the Kansas City Chiefs with the magician himself, Patrick Mahomes as QuarterBack. At the time of writing this article, the Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 1.5 points. The method I use for delineating the victor is Bonatti’s method of electing a castle besiegement. I have learned this method for Bernadette Brady, who extrapolated it from Guido Bonatti. In specific, if you want to start playing with this method you can find it in Benjamin Dykes translation of Bonatti’s work “Bonatti on Elections”

The most difficult part of determining the winner is determining who the Home Team is and who the Visiting Team is. If you read my article on Super bowl LV, you will see I fell short on that one by picking the wrong team as the home team. This is because for that game the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wore the visiting jerseys, under Brady’s request, so I gave them the visiting position of the 1st house in the chart. This was a huge mistake as they were playing in Tampa Bay and obviously were the home team. I lost 100$. Poor me, lesson learned.

This year the Home team which will be assigned the 7th house, I am saying is Philadelphia. The visiting team is Kansas City. Kansas city as the team initiating the battle, sieging the castle will be given the first house. Here is the chart for the game.

The ruler of the 1st is the Sun, thus I am giving the Sun to Kansas City. The ruler of the 7th is Saturn thus I am giving Saturn to Philadelphia. You will notice I am using whole sign houses. Bonatti favored Alcabitus, if my prediction is in error, that could be one of the causes. But I have found in past sporting events, WholeSign houses work. Here is the Alcabitus House Chart for you who may be interested.

In this case I feel that Whole Sign Houses vs Alcabitus does not make a significant difference in the delineation. Now to determine the winner we are going to see which planet The Sun or Saturn has more dignity and accidental dignity. The reasoning being that this planet shows the stronger team with the greater capacity to overcome difficulty and be victorious on the battlefield.

In this case we see that the Sun is in the house of Aquarius where it is detriment. Philadelphia is known for its strangling defense, and as legendary coach Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryan once said. The detriment of the Sun is its only dignity, scoring for the sun a negative dignity. This is problematic for whichever team is assigned the Sun (hint hint the Chiefs) , but wait, it is worse. When a planet that significates one of the sides of the battle is in the other sides house, it is shows that the planet is dominated by the other team. Here we have the Sun in Aquarius, clearly indicating that Saturn is dominating the Sun. Stifling, stuffing, Defense. This is what I read this at.

The day is Sunday, so the sun gets some dignity by the day and it is angular, but so is Saturn, so this really does not give enough testimony to support the challenger (the Chiefs in my estimation). But wait! before you go plopping down a big chunk of change on this game because I am obviously saying the Eagles are going to win, let us examine the condition of the Eagles.

Saturn, representing the Eagles has great natural dignity. It is in a condition of Rulership and dignity by Term and Triplicity. This gives it a strong plus 10 in the dignity score which is really really outstanding. When you see this your like, damn, I should make a Saturn ring here. It is also angular, so strong in that way, but lo, it is under the beams, burnt, scorched by the Sun. That is where the Chiefs have the advantage, there is some new tricks Andy Reid and Mahomes are going to throw out that the Eagles have not seen. Now, some advocate that if a planet is combust, then if it is in its own sign of rulership, it will not be adversely affected. However, Abu Mashar has said this is not true. He says something along the lines that Saturn combust is like a black overcooked stone, this is because its nature is cold and dry and so the heat effects it in this way and that is how the elements mix. As well Paulus of Alexandria states that combustion takes place regardless of sign. However I find this not to be true. In my experience while combustion is still a disability, it is much less so when the planet that is combust is in rulership. I like to think of if as you have a famous person in your house, that person attracts all the attention, but they still are in your house and you can control them regardless of how much that famous person is drawing all the attention. I expect thus a lot of flashy big plays by the Chiefs and gushing of the announcers about how Reid and Mahomes are the greatest coaching quarterback duo of all time, but they still loose because of the strength of Philedelphias defense. I have to give some credit here with forming these ideas based on a conversation with @planetarzan on twitter, who pointed out to me Mashar’s take on combustion.

The final consideration is who the Moon last applied to and who the Moon next applies by Ptolomeic aspect. The planet that home the last aspect belongs to the challenger, the planet which receives the next belongs to the home team. The last aspect is to Mercury in Aquarius, which has dignity by term and is angular. This indicates some success with the Chiefs passing attack, but then again, it is in the 7th and so we can expect the Eagles defense to clamp down on them. Venus represents the Eagles and is in Pisces where it has dignity by exaltation and triplicty lord with Mar in mutual reception by term. This is a plus 9 dignity. It does have a disability of being in the 8th, which to me means an injury to a key receiver or running back around half time.

I expect a touchdown or score 4:49 pm local time when the Ascendant trines Jupiter in Aries. (This did happen) I expect the Eagles defense to become dominant and suffocating during the second half. I expect an injury to a key pass offense player which limits the effectiveness of the Chiefs in the second half (This happened at the end of the first half as the Ascendant opposed the Sun. I was a little early, as I thought the second half would start at 6:15. my understanding of the timing of the Superbowl is off because they stretch out the time for commercials more than in the regular season.) and I expect the Eagles to become very lucky and pull ahead significantly in the second half. This did not happen, and I explain my error in delineation below.

All of this though depends on me calling the right delineation between the home team and the visiting team, so please don’t gamble based on my words, however if you do and win, I expect a big fat venmo donation. haha, I will put $25 on the Eagles, because it keeps me honest but is what I can afford to lose. Enjoy the big game.

End Result was the Cheifs won!

Where I feel I errored in my delineation was not understanding as we moved into the second half that Venus was going to be severely affected by its application to Neptune. This dissolved the effect of what Venus could do. There was noticeable confusion on the part of the Eagles through the second half and some confused calls that altered the outcome of the game. Likewise the detriment of Jupiter in the 8th was far more severe than the detriment of Mercury in the 6th. This may be because Jupiter in Aries has less strength than Mercury in Aquarius. Or it maybe because the 8th has more destructive power than the 6th. I made some correct calls, such as Mahomes being injured and when the first touchdown would be made, but now I have learned I have to consider the outer planets in delineation and what a detriment Neptune can be.

I hope you enjoyed the game and gambled responsibly. See you next season!

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