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Mars in Scopio viscious and seductive

Mars in Scorpio 11.18.19

Conquer your foes while Mars is in Scorpio Mars has moved into Scorpio and we should all notice it. It will be in Scorpio until January 4th 2020. Mars is a difficult planet who on the positive side brings energy and accomplishment. On the shadow side Mars emanates strife, aggression, and war. Mars has been in the sign of Libra where its temperament is cooled, it's aggression hesitant, and its...
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Sports Astrology: Monday Night Football

Cowboys vs Giants Tonight I will predict the winner of the sporting event according to Brady's method (taken from Bonatti) of analyzing sports events through Castle Besiegment astrology. I live tweeted my prediction with my twitter account @dorjepadma and will do so every Monday night as long as football season lasts. Doing so gives an accurate time stamp for the predictions and also keeps me on...
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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Guide

Mercury Rx in general. Mercury has gone retrograde in Scorpio and will be retrograde until November 20th. The concept of Mercury Rx has become so familiar to so many people that it is up there with Sun signs as a simple access point into astrology. For those who enjoy the mythos of the stars and planets having a say in the experiences of life it is a great way to contemplate their journey...
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The Chart Ruler

Let the ruler of your chart be your chariot in life. This planet is known by numerous names, configured and calculated by varied methods, studied by countless astrologers, the Chart Ruler is said to be the key to unlocking your fortune within your astrology chart. The chart ruler is said to be the planet with the greatest dignity in the chart. It is the planet which holds the greatest sway over...
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Human Design Astrology

Do we know what Human Design is? By Mario Sarmiento If were one to speak from a larger inquiry of what Human Design is, perhaps I would almost want to suggest we do not know yet clearly enough understand what Human Design is and what fully arrived with it?  It is too early. If you heard how it was the result of some kind of Supernova with neutrinos passing through many human’s all over...
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The Heroes Journey and the North and South Nodes

Use the Nodes in the chart to become your heroic self. A brief primer on the Nodes I grew up reading, watching, and listening to the works of Joseph Campbell . This was the result of my father being a believer in in Joseph's philosophy of "follow your bliss" and the "Heroes Journey". Follow your bliss is the notion that if you do what makes you happy, the world will support you for doing that....
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When Jupiter and Saturn Dance

We all must dance skillfully with Jupiter and Saturn When Jupiter and Saturn dance life expands and contracts.There is a rumor that Saturn is feminine. We all are surrounded by classical images of Saturn being an old man, perhaps holding a scythe. The scythe is symbolic of the harvest. The harvest is the end of things. Saturn implies a limit, an edge, a boundary or a wall. What you can not go...
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The coming Saturn Pluto conjunction. Part I

When the Titans Battle the world is changed The Saturn Pluto conjunction is coming. It is going to be the most hyped disaster aspect since the Pluto Uranus square of 2011 through 2016. The great thing about astrology is that given enough planets, we always have a disastrous aspect coming up to worry about. Gentle reader, I am here to tell you that most of us will be fine. You will hear a lot of...
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