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Heart astro blog

When Jupiter and Saturn Dance

We all must dance skillfully with Jupiter and Saturn When Jupiter and Saturn dance life expands and contracts.There is a rumor that Saturn is feminine. We all are surrounded by classical images of Saturn being an old man, perhaps holding a scythe. The scythe is symbolic of the harvest. The harvest is the end of things. Saturn implies a limit, an edge, a boundary or a wall. What you can not go...
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The coming Saturn Pluto conjunction. Part I

When the Titans Battle the world is changed The Saturn Pluto conjunction is coming. It is going to be the most hyped disaster aspect since the Pluto Uranus square of 2011 through 2016. The great thing about astrology is that given enough planets, we always have a disastrous aspect coming up to worry about. Gentle reader, I am here to tell you that most of us will be fine. You will hear a lot of...
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Hong Kong and the Saturn Mars opposition.

Millions of citizens clad in black take to the streets. The Premise: Hong Kong is a doomed state. In 2047 the one party two systems guaranteeing civil protections, and at least symbolically, Hong Kong's democratic freedoms will end. The people of Hong Kong do not want to loose those freedoms before they have to, and have on occasion shown a strong will to take to the streets. Over the last two...
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The death of Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison, was a voice for the unconscious during the rise of the Baby Boomer generation. His chart is a fascinating example of how several common and a few less common markers of death are found in the chart. They not only described his death, but through solar direction were activated during the year of his death. He died of a drug overdose in Paris on July 3rd 1971. He was born December...
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Living your best life

You are the Sun of your life. Astrology is meant to be a tool for living your best life. Everyday, everyone of us wakes up, and goes through the routine of the lot of our life. We dream of having a different life. We wish to be richer, have a lover, have a different lover, be closer to distant people, be farther from certain close people. We might wish for fame, or we might wish for solitude. We...
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Devin Nunes Astrology

Devin Nunes astrology is really interesting. As most readers may know is a California Congressman. Devin is supposed to be a dairy farmer. Although he represents a conservative California congressional district, his dairy farm is in Sibley, Iowa. Sibley is an important name to astrologers, but that is a story for another post. Devin Nunes claim to fame over the last three years has been that he...
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Into the Mystic Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Mercury retrograde, like all retrograde periods has a tonality to it. That tonality is given context and shape by the sign the planet is retrograding in. This Mercury retrograde which extends from March 5th to March 28th will occur in the mystic sign, Pisces. Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac and marked by its boundary free nature. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter which seeks to expand. Pisces is...
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Venus Conjunct Pluto

Venus conjunct Pluto today and we have a prostitution scandal breaking in the national news. This U.S. scandal involves multiple people, the biggest name currently is Robert Kraft, owner of Kraft Foods and the New England Patriots. There are reports that even more well known public figures are involved. Apparently there are videos, and the scandal coming out of Florida, involves not just...
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