Mars in Scopio viscious and seductive

Mars in Scorpio 11.18.19

Conquer your foes while Mars is in Scorpio Mars has moved into Scorpio and we should all notice it. It will be in Scorpio until January 4th 2020. Mars is a difficult planet who on the positive side brings energy and accomplishment. On the shadow side Mars emanates strife, aggression, and war. Mars has been in the sign of Libra where its temperament is cooled, it's aggression hesitant, and its...
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Sports Astrology: Monday Night Football

Cowboys vs Giants Tonight I will predict the winner of the sporting event according to Brady's method (taken from Bonatti) of analyzing sports events through Castle Besiegment astrology. I live tweeted my prediction with my twitter account @dorjepadma and will do so every Monday night as long as football season lasts. Doing so gives an accurate time stamp for the predictions and also keeps me on...
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