The Imum Coeli and your genetic psychology.

Through acknowledging your IC you can win.

Home is where the heart is and it is also where the family is. In astrology we look to the fourth place for the home and the family, as well as the father. The cusp or marker of this chart point is also called the Imum Coli, or IC in astrology. It is the opposite of Midheaven, which was the highest point the Sun would arc to on the day you were born at the location you were born. The IC is thus the lowest point the Sun will arc to on the day you are born. Depending on what house system you use the IC may be out of the fourth house when you look at a birthchart. We must understand the meaning of the 4th and the meaning of the IC as distinct, although they share many of the same significations.

The Imum Coeli is Latin for “Bottom of the sky”. It is where the ecliptic crosses the meridian in the north. The Imum Coeli in the chart have been giving significations of the subconscious, past lives, the soul, and genetic heritage. It is a place that is uniquely you and contains an intimacy that no one else will ever know. As an example, Donald Trump’s IC is 18* Scorpio. This implies such things as he is insecure, uncertain, and emotionally torn deep inside. However, he will never display that to the public, his friends, his wives, his children or others. It is the side he keeps to himself. We interpret this as a lack of certainty in his decisions and a vindictiveness. It is really a fear of not being valued.

The IC also represents the family theme and history you receive as a belief system. If we look at Trump we see his Scorpio IC fits quite well with his family firstl making their fortune off of brothels. Here is a link to a fascinating article on the subject of the Trump family fortune. We can conclude that his family gave him a belief system of life as a struggle to dominate others so they can not hurt you. Also, they gave him a belief system that allows for profit from vice.

Now Trump here is showing you an example of how using your Imum Coeli point brings success. He was able to tap into it to garner outer world success, despite the psychological challenges it brings him. Don’t let the evil sorcerer be the only one who uses this power. You should use it too.

You will find tremendous power in your IC for creating a successful fulfilling and heroic life. Use this power for good. Find your IC in your chart. If you would like you can email me and I will send you your chart for free to help you find it. What is the sign that rules the IC in your chart? How are you avoiding the strength of your genetic heritage. How is you Imum Coeli representative of your own shadow experience? When you come to know this place in your chart will not only make you whole, but it will also help you tap the power of your ancestors.

When the IC is strongly aspected in your chart by transits, you will find yourself examining your inner beliefs. You will also have major shifts in your family experience. It is not your home that will be effected or your father, those are ruled by the fourth house.

Get deep with the IC to find your power.

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