Saturn in Sagittarius revives the Old Gods


Saturn has left the land of Scorpio, with its skulls and bones, its Cock and Cunt, its putrid flesh and its sordid sting, Saturn has moved into the land of Sagittarius. What landscape is this Sagittarius, let us look ahead! First though, let us look behind.

Saturn’s energy is to consolidate and solidify. It is the planet of led and iron, as such it makes things heavy, it doses one with reality in whatever land it is.Saturn is the old man, the ancient thing, the end of all matters. In electional astrology if you want something to endure you will make sure Saturn is well fortified in the election. Saturn endures and when it is in Scorpio, you bet we endured.

Saturn in Scorpio was about enduring the poisons of samsara. It was about looking at the horror of the shadow elements of being human and the world we humans live in. During Saturn’s reign in Scorpio the popular TV shows were American Horror Story, and the walking dead both of these horror stories were endless in what there cast had to endure, the cast with in the shows never get reprieve from their experience of terror other than death, which of course is associated with both Scorpio and Saturn. Game of Thrones brought us more death, more horror, more grim inexapable reality, as did House of Cards with its Scorpionic political macabre dance, so cruel it would give Macbeth nightmares.

In our lives we endured Ebola, we endured Patreus’s Sex Scandal, which started when Saturn moved into Scorpio, we endured mega hacks, the uncovering of secretive surveillance programs, the revelations of the NSA spying programs, the revelations of US torture programs. All the secrets came out of the closet for Saturn in Scorpio. Endure we did and endure we must when Saturn travels through the dark sign.

But what light is this, out of the shadows into the land of fire and philosophy ruled by Jupiter Saturn goes.

Saturn in Sagittarius demands that people get up and do things, that changes are made. Saturn in Sagittarius is a fast tempo, because fire is moving the planet. We can already see what Saturn is doing in Sagittarius, why is this, it is because Saturn is so damned straight forward. No tricks with Saturn. Saturn in Sagittarius is going to burn things for religion! It is a fire sign after all and Saturn is so damned serious.

Hark though! The doom and gloom of Scorpio is not as heavy when Saturn travels though Sagittarius, for that sign is about aspirations, religion, spirituality, the priest, the warrior king! Give up not, your wanderings through the dark have come out the other side of the cavern. Saturn is ancient, and the old religions are ancient. Saturn in Sagittairus is bringing back the Norse Gods!

That is right, in Iceland, the first new major temple to the Norse Gods in 1000 years is being erected! By the might of Odin this makes so much sense! By the Hammer of Thor it is all perfect! Saturn is that which is ancient and Sagittarius is spirit and religion. The ancient religion makes a come back. Iceland has perhaps the highest population old Norse worshipers in the world (by percentage), Iceland has those epic landscapes, the volcanoes! Iceland is the fury of nature, and since man moved there in 900 it has always been a place where man experiences that fury directly! The Luthern population has declined in Iceland (Christianity took over for the Old Gods around 1000 A.D.), the atheist have risen dramatically, and those who choose to see spirit in things, but do not see the one Abrahamic God and his Son in things, they had no where to turn but the Old Nature Gods of the Norse.

They call themselves the Asatru, they speak of the Gods as psychological myth, meant to give meaning to life and provide insight into the archetypes of nature and mans interaction with nature. By the raising of their temple during this time, when Saturn is in Sagittarius, we can be certain of one thing. Their tradition will grow stronger and endure.

Saturn has entered into the land of the Priest and we are called to make our noble ideals real. To become the mature leaders of our field! Raise the victory banner, spirit is about to be revitalized!

And for you, dear reader, what is your spiritual tradition. How can you establish it in a way that it endures. This is a time to look at your philosophies, your ideals, and solidify them, into the beliefs that you will have for the next 30 years.

For more information on the revival of the Norse Mythologies as a religion, read Pagen Temple.


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