New Year Reading 2018

Happy New Year.


There are some major shifts coming into this year. Saturn has entered Capricorn, Jupiter has entered Scorpio, Uranus will enter Taurus. These sign shifts will mark a very different experience for us in 2018. I am offering a year preview reading where we will look at these shifts and what they mean for you as we enter the Year of the Dog and find ourselves picking up the pieces from 2017, the year of the Great American Eclipse.

With Saturn moving into Capricorn you will be setting foundations that will last for the next thirty years. With Jupiter in Scorpio there is a tremendous opportunity to do deep alchemical and spiritual work. With Uranus moving into Taurus we will find exciting new ways to experience joy and the environment of earth itself.

Take advantage of this reading and set your intentions to manifest your true purpose in 2018 with a map of the year and a preview of the mysteries that lay ahead.

This reading will include a transit report for the entire year of 2018. A map of the best weeks to be adventurous and the best weeks to sink into deep retreat, and two elections for the best time to launch activities you have been dreaming of engaging in next year.

Happy 2018!

All of this is just $150


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