All wisdom arises from meditating on your own mind.

The I ching is an ancient oracle system that is elemental, shamanistic, mathematical and synchronistic. It is made by combining simple elements of yin and yang represented by broken or whole yao into six lines that make up 64 instructive hexagrams. From this image comes a wealth of information that provides insight into any question that is asked.

I am a third generation I ching divination practitioner, starting with my grandfather Richard Daiensai Kirsten, who was the first westerner to be ordained as an Iching priest in Japan. I cast the hexagram in the exact manner which he taught me in 1994. He also passed the tradition on to my father Nicholas Kirsten Honshin, who taught me to consult the I ching with coins at the age of 12.

To perform a reading where I meditate, recite the heart sutra mantra, bless the yarrow sticks in the smoke of incense, make an offering to protective spirits and then cast the yarrow sticks for your personal hexagram for the year 2018. The form of casting is very direct and simple and uses one moving line only to provide further insight into the questions that are asked.

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