Heart Astrology Services

Heart Astrology Subscription:
This is a monthly reading for 6 months. The reading time varies from 30 minutes to an hour, and includes any topics you wish to speak of, as well as a predictive look at the month ahead. This is the best value service I have to offer, and the clients who have used it have found it has saved them time and money through accurate predictions on a timely basis. The cost is $350.

A Predictive reading:
This is a reading answering questions of a predictive nature. These include relationships, employment matters, travel matters, and a look ahead to the next year to see what the astrological landscape has to offer you. The reading can go up to 90 minutes. The cost is $150

Inquisitve Reading:
This reading is to look at how your natal astrology chart functions and what that reveals about the genius that embodied in you. We will spend the whole session in conversation about your strengths, and if you wish challenges, and how they effect you and those around you. The benefits of this reading are immense in helping one navigate life from a basis of exponential possibility. The cost is $150

Relationship Reading:
This is a reading based upon the relationship dynamics of you and another person or a group of people. Involving multiple charts this reading addresses the gifts and the difficulties that the relationship has as a result of the alchemy of the planets and signs involved. The cost is $175.

Horary Reading:
This is a reading based upon a single question. The reading is scheduled for 15 minutes and the answers are based upon the chart that is drawn up at the moment the astrologer answers the question. The Cost is 30$

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