2017 Eclipse Surprise

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Eclipse Astrology

There is a foreboding when times are politically uncertain. Foreboding abounds when the day turns black. There is a foreboding when you know a surprise is coming. To have an eclipse exactly aspect an inner planet by conjunction, square, or opposition will bring a surprise. If you love astrology and study how it marks your voyage down the great river of life, ominous times can lead to apprehension of what ancient glyph will appear next on the banks.

So it is that this eclipse squares my Jupiter to the degree. And I have been apprehensive. Jupiter is in the 11th, the house of hope. How would my hope be eclipsed, I lay awake staring at the ceiling wondering, wondering if my body is becoming a fly.

I use Bernadette Brady’s Saros cycles to read into the meanings of eclipses. This is Saros 1 north. “unexpected events place pressure on friends and groups.”

Jupiter rules the third house by the grace of the sign Pisces in my chart. It also rules the 12th house by the curse of the sign of Sagittarius in my chart. The third house is siblings. The 12th house is madness or prison. Am I writing this from an insane asylum, most likely the insane asylum of my mind, yes. But, that is not the eclipse’s doing. That is the nature of being a human, perceiving the world through electric chemical signals translating photons being absorbed by the eyes.

Today my brother called. He said he is moving to Texas on the 22nd of August. The eclipse day. Which house rules brothers again? He is unexpectedly making a career move, leaving behind his group of friends and acquaintances in Seattle. The whole matter is very sudden. The entire occurrence described exactly in my chart.

All to often we think our chart is about us. In a way it is, but it is more than that. It is about our world. As if we were Siva or Shakti, and we have a universe that revolves around us. Our chart does not just describe us, it describes the mandala of our experience and relations. This eclipse resulted in a good event, perhaps that was Jupiter’s doing, prescribed for my brother. Interestingly enough, the eclipse conjuncts his ascendant.

A note on the President

By the way. Saros 1 north eclipse occurred when Franklin Roosevelt died in office, Kennedy was assassinated, Reagan was shot, and when Clinton was impeached. It appears to have an impact on Presidents, who happen to be part of our mandala of existence.

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