crazy love

Crazy Love

Stay positive

This week we have Mercury Retrograde in Aries while Venus is Conjunct Uranus in Aries (Thursday and Friday the energy will be strongest). This is the week of crazy love and indulgence as well as crazy news. You, being educated in the intention of the gods, will use this energy to promote love, excitement and joy in the world around you. This will be your skill in using Saturn conjunct the ruler of Aries, Mars (exact on April 1st, Happy Easter!) to temper the over enthusiastic passion of Venus Uranus conjunction. It is fitting that Stormy Daniels and her relationship with Trump was released by 60 minutes this week.

Don’t get too Crazy

Those who are not measured with what the stars are saying may find themselves saying too much in a creeper kind of way, drinking too much in a lush kind of way, or snapping out to many erotic pictures that get screen shot post making you twitter famous for the day. Are you sure you want that man to have your cell phone number? It is a question best to ask yourself twice before handing it out or taking a seat at the bar.

Over indulge

We are moving into a full moon on Saturday which is combining with these planetary energies, so you can be forgiven for over indulging on Friday and Saturday night. When Easter passes that is the time to tighten up.

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