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Moon in Scorpio and the Naughty Money Man

Scorpio is associated with Secrets. Right now the moon is in Scorpio and it opposed the conjunction of Venus and Mercury in Taurus last night. What secrets have been revealed we might ask. Scorpio is also associated with sex, the sexual organs. That is because it is the natural ruler of the 8th house which is where birth and death, and deeply compulsive events of obsession occur. A person with many planets in the 8th house will be obsessive. We can look at this and say, be wary of obsessive behavior during moon in Scorpio.

Now the head of the International Monetary Fund, was revealed to be a sexual predator last night. This is amazing. Venus has entered her dignity, meaning she wants to behave well. Venus in Taurus is going to be a good time for women. Because Venus rules young women, and she will help them when she is in Taurus. Likewise Mercury Rules Finance. Remember I said they are conjunct right now. Lets Add that together, Money and trade and women. What do we get…we get the IMF leader, Dominique Strauss-Kahn caught in a sexual scandal with young women. He was abusive, not just relating to them. So the gods are cleaning up the money here, removing the bad predator.

What does this have to do with Moon in Scorpio. In the beginning we said Scorpio has to do with secrets, right now the Moon is approaching full so it will be  the revelation of secrets. The Moon translates the energy of the stars, it is when the moon aspects that  it creates action in our world. The Moon revealed secrets about money and young women.  Venus which rules Money, also cleaned up its act in the process.

The Art of Timing…Marriage

Since Mars and the Venus are still conjunct in Scorpio, I would like to speak about the topic of marriage in relation to the art of time.  The art of timing, as I stated in my previous post, is about using the 4th dimension of time in your creative engagement with life. We can create through physical, emotional, and mental avenues of our being. The ability for those creations to endure and last, depends upon our skill. The Timing of Marriage has to do with how it will play out. There are some complicated rules for this. There are some simple rules too.

The philosophy is that these planets, they act as forces in our lives. and the mood we they are in when we begin an endeavor, colors the experience of that endeavor, from the moment it starts, until the endeavor ends. Thus if Mars is squaring the Moon at the time of your marriage, then the Moon which is emotions, will always be challenged by fighting (Mars) for as long as it lasts. Why, that is what the interdependence of time and form was setting into place at that moment. On the other hand if Venus was Trine the Moon at the time of your marriage, then Venus, sensual joy, will easily support your shared emotions, the Moon. This is how the timing works. The planets are like cogs in a clock, and they show what the “Divine” is intending for the moment a form, whether physical or symbolic is created.

So when you are married, at least insure that Saturn or Mars are not squaring or opposing the moon. Likewise, the Ascendant will be the identity of the wedding, make sure its ruler is in a good house and a good sign, not squared by the aforesaid malefics. If you can do just that you are probably fine. You might be surprised about how few days that is though. Weeding it out is what professional astrologers are for. Rely on them.

The simplest rule is choose your time well, for everything.

May all your marriages be full of love

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Mars and Venus together again in Scorpio

As we discussed before Mars and Venus together are a great creative energy. They are together again, so how to work with that. Well, we have to look at how they are together this month.

Mars and Venus are conjoining today in Scorpio. This is the 2nd of a 3 part dance the two are doing in the sky. This time Mars has the upper hand, revitalized and energized in Scorpio. He takes the lead in the dance. When we talk of Mars with dignity, which he has in Scorpio, because he rules the land of Scorpio, we talk about invincible courage, force, and abundant energy, seeking victory in all things, and prudent behavior. Think of a fierce and noble general willing to speak his mind under all circumstances.

Venus is now in its detriment in Scorpio. Here Venus does not behave well, Venus likes to love, to be sensual, to be soft. The place of Mars is one of enthusiastic energy and combat. So Venus is down on her luck, the next month is not going to be about sensual enjoyment, it is going to be about where can you apply energy and vigor into your life to create the creative results you are seeking.

The where is answered by your own birthchart. Where is your natal Mars, that is where. What houses does your natal mars rule, that is where. Look to those places to find where your energy and vigor will pay off with dynamic positive change.

Now look to where Venus is for where your going to have a rough spot, that is the spot that needs to be put into service to Mars’s goals at this time.

Best of luck during this time of radical energy.

As you can see in the photo, Mars is on top this month.

The love of Mars and Venus.

Mars and Venus will be entering exact conjunction again on October 3rd. What does this conjunction foretell? If it falls on a point of personal power for you, that is in tight aspect to a inner natal planet in your chart, if foretells of great transformation. It was suggested by Robert Blasche and Stephan Arroyo, that this is a conjunction of spiritual transformation. To examine this ourselves we need to appreciate the myth of Venus and Mars. The reason for this is that the best way to connect with and make use of astrology, is to relate to the planets as living mythological forces in your life.

Mars is the energetic god of war and Venus is the sensuous Goddess of creative pleasure and delight. In your chart, as well as for the world, they are playing out mythological archetypal roles. Mars is sending you challenges that you must rise up to in your chart, He is being helpful, neutral, or really has it out for you, depending on his sign placement and aspect. The same goes for Venus.

Think of it this way, where Mars falls in your chart, that is a place where you must rise to the challenge and be a warrior. Where venus falls in your chart, that is a place where you will find delight and pleasure. If Mars is in Aries in the 2nd house then, for example…well Mars is happy in Aries, so you are going to find many allies in your war to gain possessions and good loot! congratulations. But if he is in Aquarius, where he is bored stiff and completely neutral, you are going to have to invoke consciously that warrior spirit to make it happen. If he is on the other hand, in Cancer, then he is going to create obstacles for you, and you are going to have to overcome them to be financially victorious. (Of course there will be other factors to be judged but this is a succinct example).

The same will go for Venus. Venus in Libra in the 5th is going to grant you all kinds of pleasure and love. put her in leo and the 5th and she will be completely neutral, you are going to have to summon consciously the creative goddess, but she will work for you if you do. However put her in her fall in Virgo in the 5th, and she is going to be so critical you and difficult, it will be a great challenge to you.

But Mars, and Venus, that is the Gods, are lovers. They actually worked really well together, Mars would calm down. He really loved killing people and things, it was his great joy, to create havoc and destruction. He was not a nice sort of God from a modern humanistic view, but when you got him together with Venus, it was really wonderful. He would lay down his arms and they would make love. They even had a child, Harmonosia, She was named harmony. That really says something. The aggression of mars, combined with the beauty and art of Venus, creates Harmony. That is the negatives are canceled out, and creation of something beautiful comes into effect. So it can be like that right now. Mars and Venus are conjunct in the sky, and this means you can have magic occur for you, the creation of harmony. Look for it in the sign and house they are conjuncting in.

If your natal chart has an aspect to the next conjunction, which will be at 12 degrees Scorpio, then look for the gift, the gift the two lovers have a really potent gift to offer you.