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Lunar Mansions 2

The Lunar mansions are giving to be the following. Different authors have different variations, but the differences are not that great. This table is from Agrippa and can be found here. Now It should be stated that this is a very curse explanation, but one which is a great guide to beginning your meditations upon the Lunar Mansions, and watching how they effect your life. More on that in the next post!

The Mansions of the Moon according to H. C. Agrippa’s Occult Philosophy, 1533
name (name – Latin) from significance Talisman for with image of
1 Alnath horns of Aries 0° Aries journeys and discord the destruction of someone A black man in a garment made of hair, and girdled round, casting a small lance with his right hand
2 Albothaim
belly of Aries 12°51’22” Aries finding treasure and retaining captives reconciliation with a prince A king crowned
3 Achaomazone
rainy ones
or Pleiades
25°42’51” Aries profits sailors, huntsmen, alchemists happy fortune and every good thing A woman well clothed, sitting in a chair, her right hand being lifted up on her head
4 Aldebram
eye or head
of Taurus
8°34’17” Taurus destruction and hinderances of buildings, fountains, wells and gold mines, the flight of reptiles and creates discord revenge, separation, enmity & ill will A soldier on a horse, holding a serpent in his right hand
5 Alchataya
( ) 21°25’40” Taurus helps safe return from journey, instruction of pupils, confirms buildings, gives health and good will the favour of kings and officers The head of a man
6 Alhanna
little star of great light 4°17’09” Gemini favours hunting, besieging towns, revenge of princes, destroys harvests and fruits, hinders medicine to procure love betwixt two two images embracing one another
7 Aldimiach
arm of Gemini 17°08’34” Gemini brings money and friendship, profits lovers, disperses flies, destroys teaching authorities to obtain every good thing A man well clothed, holding his hands up to heaven as it were praying and supplicating
8 Alnaza
misty or cloudy 0° Cancer creates, love, friendship, travellers’ fellowship, drives away mice, confirms captivity victory in war an eagle having the face of a man
9 Achaam
eye of Leo 12°51’22” Cancer hinders harvests and travellers, creates discord between men to cause infirmities The image of a man wanting his privy parts, shutting his eyes with his hands
10 Algeliache
neck or forehead of Leo 25°42’51” Cancer strengthens buildings, extends love, good will and help against enemies to facilitate child-bearing The head of a lion
11 Azobra
Leo’s mane 8°34’17” Leo helps journeys and money from commerce, and redeeming captives fear, reverence and worship A man riding a lion, holding the ear thereof in his left hand, and in his right, holding forth a bracelet of gold
12 Alzarpha tail of Leo 21°25’40” Leo prospers harvests and plantations, betters servants, captives and allies, but hinders sailors the separation of lovers A dragon fighting with a man
13 Alhayre dogs or winged ones of Virgo 4°17’09” Virgo favours benevolence, money, voyages, harvests, freedom of captives the agreement of married couples and for dissolving charms against copulation images of man in red wax and woman in white wax embracing
14 Achureth, Arimes, Azimeth, Albumech, Alcheymech Virgo’s ear of corn 17°08’34” Virgo favours marital love, healing of sick, good for journeys by sea but bad for land divorce and separation of the man from the woman A dog biting his tail
15 Agrapha
covered or flying covered 0° Libra good for extracting treasures, digging pits, helps divorce, discord, destruction of houses and enemies, hinders travel friendship and goodwill A man sitting and inditing letters
16 Azubene
horns of Scorpio 12°51’22” Libra hinders journeys and marriage, harvests and commerce, but helps redemption of captives much merchandising A man sitting on a chair, holding a balance in his hands
17 Alchil crown of Scorpio 25°42’51” Libra improves bad fortune, helps love to last, strengthens buildings, helps sailors against thieves and robbers An ape
18 Alchas
heart of Scorpio 8°34’17” Scorpio causes discord, sedition, conspiracy against powerful, revenge from enemies, but frees captives and helps buildings against fevers and pains of the belly A snake holding his tail above his head
19 Allatha, Achala, Hycula, Axala tail of Scorpio 21°25’40” Scorpio helps besieging and taking of cities, driving people from positions, destroys sailors and captives facilitating birth and provoking the menstrues A woman holding her hands upon her face
20 Abnahaya the beam, transom 4°17’09” Sagittarius helps taming beasts, strengthens prisons, destroys allies’ wealth, compels a man to come to a certain place hunting Sagittary, half a man and half an horse
21 Abeda
the desert 17°08’34” Sagittarius favours harvests, money, buildings, travellers, causes divorce the destruction of somebody A man with a double countenance, before and behind
22 Sadabacha, Zodeboluch, Zandeldena the shepherd 0° Capricorn incites the flight of slaves and captives, helping escape, and curing of diseases the security of [i.e. to catch] runaways A man with wings on his feet, bearing an helmet on his head
23 Sabadola
swallowing 12°51’22” Capricorn causes divorce, freedom of captives, healing of sick destruction and wasting A cat having a dog’s head
24 Sadabath
star of fortune 25°42’51” Capricorn helps marital understanding, victory of soldiers, causes disobedience, hindering execution of authority the multiplying of herds of cattle A woman giving suck to her son
25 Sadalabra
the butterfly, unfolding 8°34’17” Aquarius helps siege and revenge, divorce, prisons and buildings, speeds messengers, destroys enemies, helps spells against sex or to cause impotence the preservation of trees and harvests A man planting
26 Alpharg
Phtagal Mocaden
the first drawing, draining 21°25’40” Aquarius helps union, love of men, health of captives, destroys prisons and buildings love and favour A woman washing and combing her hairs
27 Alcharya
the second drawing, draining 4°17’09” Pisces increases harvests, revenues, money, heals illnesses, weakens buildings, prolongs imprisonment, endangers sailors, and helps bringing evils against anyone to destroy fountains, pits, medicinal waters and baths A man winged, holding in his hand an empty vessel, and perforated
28 Albotham
the fishes, Pisces 17°08’34” Pisces increases harvests and commerce, helps the safety of travellers in dangerous places, causes marital harmony, but strengthens prisons and causes loss of treasures to gather fishes together A fish

The lunar Mansions pt. 1

Lunar mansions are an ancient method of watching how the moon transits the sky in its 28 day cycle. The lunar cycle is actually 27.3 days long, so the mansions are not evenly divided into 24 hours period. The origins of the mansions are heatedly debated by scholars, and the true source of their existence may be more ancient than writing itself, thus a mystery to modern man, and only the subject of speculation. What we do know is that there are currently three main traditions of Lunar Mansion Astrology. These 3 are Chinese, Jyotish, and Arabic mansions. The Jyotish contains for the most part only 27 mansions, while the Chinese and the Arabic contain 28.

The lunar mansions are extraordinarily helpful to developing harmony with the current of life. We can, and many people do track the moon through the 12 signs of the Zodiac. This gives us 2 and a half day energetic emphasis to watch for and learn from. The Lunar mansions give us 24 hour specific energy patterns to observe in the current of life.

I am using the arabic tradition, as I practice a mix of current thinking and medieval astrology. Medieval astrology takes as one of its roots definitions that came from Ptolemy. The mansions are defined by the nature of the specific stars.

This brings us to an interesting modern dilemma which is whether to use the tropical or sidereal Zodiac. This was not a question for Greek astrologers, from which western astrology has grown, as at that time, the two Zodiacs were in harmony. Now they are significantly out of phase. In a future post I will go into detail about the differences, but here let us just say, we will be using the Tropical Zodiac. Why, because this is considered to be the “immovable” or “archetypal” zodiac, meaning that it is beyond the passage of time, its effects are more subtle and pervasive than the Sidereal Zodiac which is “moveable” and thus closer to the imperfection of human existence.

The 28 lunar mansions, as one can see were considered an extremely important part of astrology, only behind the 12 zodiac signs in there ability to confer information about the native, and the courses of action a person should take on a given day. Modern astrology has not even scratched the surface on the utility of this. For instance let us take a look at the Moons placement in Barak Obama’s Natal chart. His moon abides in 3 degrees Gemini which is the mansion under the angel guide Gabiel known as “the white spot” . The Key words for this are ” intellectual activity, goodwill, universal body, health, and safety.” The image is of a King surrounded by stars.”  this adds a much deeper interpretation of President Barack Obama’s emotional motivation than just the Gemini’s “a rapid learner operating on a mental plane who is out of touch with others emotional needs.”

Cheers and always happy for feedback.