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Thursday, Thors day, and the gods were once planets.

The Planets were inseparable from the Gods for most of human history. We have come so far in our modern edge and scientific mindset that we the educated west tend to completely dismiss as superstition the ways that our ancestors thought. Every new generation thinks it is the smartest, best, and most intelligent generation that has lived. But are we more intelligent then our forefathers, our customs and technology are different, but are we better as humans, are we more or less connected to the universe we live in? We used to have a rich mythology that we as man new our place in, now we have a vast cosmos which never ends extending in all directions with planets. Humanity and the earth it lives on are no longer places where we have cosmic meaning. Modern Science has brought us into a vast cosmological soup of nihilism where we are but a function of a universe that carries on with or without us.

When one considers such a thing, the rise of fundamentalism is seen as having a function. For fundamentalism offers faith to its followers, faith that they are part of something, that they have a place in the universe. This appeals to people on a deep emotional level, a level that goes deeper than the intellect and what it knows. This principle of Faith can be found in Jupiter. Jupiter as an old god, a planet who would circle the Zodiac every twelve years from our perspective on earth is giving the meaning of faith, spiritual joy, good fortune. For this reason it is considered the greater benefic in astrology.

We all need the principle of the Greater Benefic in our lives. A belief that everything is going to work out well, for the better, and if we have hope, and strive hard, and do good, then things will work out well for us. I have found often times that those who do not have well aspected Jupiters in their charts struggle with faith. Not the kind of faith that is religious necessarily, but an even more basic faith that things will work out. This is the kind of faith that gives hope during difficulties and saves us from Nihilism.

Look at where Jupiter is in your chart, that is the place in your life where you are lifted out of depression and given a higher purpose in life. Therefore it is a place where you know you can go to for comfort when you are faced with challenges.

May Jupiter be kind to you and serve you well,
Written on a Thursday, the day that belongs to Jupiter.

Don’t Panic, its only Mercury Retrograde again.

It turns out that Mercury is going retrograde again, as it does two to three times a year. Now as you undoubtedly know if you have found your way to these words, Mercury Retrograde is time of confusion, mayhem, and chaos in the areas ruled by Mercury. As a quick recap this is travel, mercantilism, electronics, and communication. Hmmm….that sounds a lot like what the holiday season has come to be about in the great and magnificent western world. “Uh. Oh.” you might say. In fact, I just read an article on the daily beast that was very much promoting Mercury Retrograde as a fearful experience. Please, do not take it as so, it can be enjoyable when you know how to handle it.

Ok. well when is this great disaster set to befall us, lets look at the ephemeris, ok,…here we are, Dec. 10th. That is when Mercury goes retrograde. R-day falls upon us then. You should have your doors barricaded, your ammo collection fully stocked up, and prepare for Sarah Palin to forcefully take over the US government by that date. Ok, I am just kidding, Sarah Palin has Mercury Direct in her natal chart, it is in the 12th house, the place of her own undoing though, thus her speech and thought is her own hidden enemy and undoing.

First a little practical advice for this particular Mercury Retrograde cycle: buy all travel tickets and all electronic gifts you are planning on giving for Christmas before then. Got that? Good, practical materialism advice is now out of the way, lets did into complex astrology mumbo jumbo for the rest of the post.

Astrology is made of testimonies, and the testimonies for this time period are not all that bad. Jupiter is direct in Pisces, in what is known as the wet part of the sky. Expect a good deal of wetness through January. Combining this with Mercury Retrograde expect airline delays due to snow and winter weather. Plan ahead for this, give yourself a little extra travel time! Since Jupiter is in a good and happy place and he is the great benefactor in astrology, this actually points to a time where well being and good feelings can be had easily. Do not  fight Mercury, rather rely on Jupiter. Take this time to visit teachers, study philosophy, plan enjoyable outings and grand dinner parties. Spend your time this holiday season with your family in front of the fire place reading your favorite books out loud (since your home entertainment system is going to break down Muahahaha).

This is the joy of Jupiter. Jupiter really enjoys it when you get spiritual or religious, and isn’t that what this holiday season about? This is thus a great Christmas, commerce is down and faith is up. If your an aetheist, you can have fun to, because your religion is science, so honor Jupiter by reading Carl Sagan (just not his anti astrology books, please, they are philosophically shallow). If your a buddhist, give Dali Lama books this Christmas, your friends are going to be hankering for something spiritual after all of there commerce and communication failures. If you are a Christian, well this is the holiday for you! Do good works, Jupiter is on your side, and in pisces, the symbol of the fish.

Back to that pesky Mercury, shall we. Mercury means the mind, it is the planet that rules thought and the motion between polarities. This is why it is associated with electronics, as well as thought and travel. Retrograde means it is changing its normal course and direction. If you slow down during a Mercury Retrograde period everything will go fine. Repeat the mantra with me…give yourself extra time, give yourself extra time, give yourself extra time. You just do that and all will be fine. No worries.

Use Jupiter, good feelings, love, and generosity this Holiday season and all will be fine. Cheers, and happy holidays, and finish your shopping at Thanksgiving.

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DeepWater Horizon is deep Pluto Capricorn symbolism.

a most beautiful Yin Yang, from a most tragic event, as we try to learn balance from the earth.

On earth day a small tragedy occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. Deepwater Horizon exploded from a gas and oil blow back, killing 11 men. The accident was a furious response from the planetary gods to an amazing act of Man’s hubris. The full effects of this tragedy are becoming apparent in just the last few days, estimates are now that by the time the oil flow from the well peaks it could be leaking as much oil into the Gulf of Mexico as the Exxon Valdez did, every two days.

Which of the planetary god’s had there hand in this? First we always look to the Moon. At the time of the explosion, around 10 pm on April 20th, the Moon was in the ninth mansion known Al Tarf, or glance of the lions eye. This mansion has the following influence on events that occur during its domain: Divine Wrath, dis-empowerment, frustration, and misfortune. This influence was in the 8th house, the house of death and destruction during the time of the explosion. The Moon was in Cancer indicating an ocean disaster, conjunct the South Node, making the malefic effect much worse.

Mars, the God  of fire and explosions, had a hand ind taking down Deepwater Horizon, it was his day and hour that the explosion occurred, thus he was super empowered. Mars was square retrograde Mercury. Mercury the trickster God had a hand in this, we can gather from this that computer failures and mechanical failures caused the safety systems to not function properly. Jupiter in Pisces had a hand in this, Jupiter is conjuncting Uranus, and remember whenever Jupiter gets involved, it is going to be big!

The sun was Trine Pluto in Capricorn, Illuminating the nature of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the depths and hidden, Capricorn buries it in the deep below the earth. Pluto is a transpersonal planet, this means it does not take into account the individual in its actions, its actions effect the world as a whole. Man thinks that he can control and use the toxic resources of the earth without destruction, but Pluto in Capricorns nature be will to destroy the structures and infrastructures of industry and business. It signifies upheaval and power of the earth, and facing the reality of our limitations as humans. Likewise Capricorn represent fossil…that which is ancient, and Pluto represents deep, hidden matters of power. We will probably see more incidents of this type, and more reliance on Fossil fuels for the next 13 years. Not until Pluto enters Aquarius will the new energy technologies become more prevalent than the old fossil ones. IF that is the case and if we are going to be masters of the ecosystem, we must do so with Capricorns integrity and caution, not the haste and deception that BP used to push the drilling proposal through the MMS, stating, “risk of an unmanageable accident is almost negligible.”

Perhaps the lesson from the event is to be more humble.

The Planetary Cycles and how to use them.

The universe is at first glance chaotic. Astrology is the noble art of bringing a light of understanding to the chaos of the Universe. If we contemplate energy and time, we find cycles, archetypes, and an underlying simplistic order to the Universe.  These themes can be studied and used through the Art of astrology.

Making order out of the cycles using archetypes is of immense and practical benefit to spiritual, psychological, and material development and success.  The art of astrology is unique in its ability to be applied to any spiritual tradition, its ability to help garner and fill out the knowledge of how one acts psychologically, and the pathway to manifesting successfully with in the world.

Astrology thus can be a map to self development, self accomplishment, self understanding, as well as a deeper profound truth of selflessness. By learning your place within the cycles of time, you will be initiated into your possibilities as a soul contributing to humanity, the possibility of your own perfection as an instrument of the creative process of life itself, and ever unfolding aspects of selflessness.

First there are the outer cycles, and the ancient great astrologer Mashallah deemed the following ones to be important. First the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, Second the middle conjunction of Mars and Saturn, and third the lesser conjunction of Jupiter and Mars.  These three mark cycles which effect all of humanity.

These cycles tend to be forgotten now, as we have come to recognize even slower moving planets that are not visible to the naked eye, Uranus and Neptune, and the Planetoid Pluto as time markers. However, these planets were used successfully by astrologers to predict the future for thousands of years. Perhaps it is worth looking at these cycle historically to examine their effects on humanity, and gather what we can as glimpses of the future.

The Astrology of Avatar

James Camerons Avatar is on its way to becoming the top grossing box office hit of all time. Its use of CGI technology, Science Fiction and Eco Mythic plot has struck a nerve in our society that is going to cause it to quickly break all previous box office financial and attendance records world wide. We can ask, why this movie and why now. Astrology has a very simple and direct answer. It is, the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Aquarius.

First let us talk about why. Jupiter represents idealism, spirituality, what is good, alive, abundant, large and expansive. Neptune represents the unconscious and other worldly as a dream experience, an illusion, a visionary experience, an untouchable and unknowable reality. Neptune is the mysterious, but also the visionary, ethereal, spiritual, and hopeful or deluded. First and formeost, when these two large gas planets combine we get big, and Avatar is huge. Over a thousand people worked on the technical production alone. Technology had to catch up with the vision of James Cameron’s script. It took film making  beyond its previous boundaries and set a new standard for the science fiction and fantasy film.

Avatar is a dream film, it is also an illusion, the Na’vi are CGI taken from real actors, a good deal of the film is flawlessly computer generated and then woven into the actual footage, giving the impression that it is real. The Na’vi themselves are a spiritually idealistic people, in the sense that they live in harmony with nature. They are one with a great mind that is plant based, dream like and in the other world. The world they live in is utopian and the people who work with the Avatars in the film are living the dream of being in a new body that is not theirs.

The Neptune Jupiter aspects of the film are undeniable making it a great escapist film with an idealistic natural message. This Idealism is even further reinforced by the planets both being in Aquarius, which is the sign of the universal, tribal, Utopian idealist. Thus in the film we do not get many shades of gray, we get the good, and ideal, the Na’vi and their way of life which is in harmony, and the bad and corrupted, corporate consumptive capitalism. Aquarius is an air sign, and the film has a good deal of its action taking place with in the air, and the planet Pandora itself has a lighter gravity, thus mountains actually float in the air.

This is the what of the Neptune Jupiter conjunction, now how about the when…well, believe it or not, the film was released theatrically between Dec. 16th and 18th, 2 to 4 days before the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.

We will be able to look back historically and say, what flim embodied this conjunction and its meaning, and the answer will be Avatar.

The brilliant flame out of Tiger Woods.

It is said by the Astrology teacher Robert Zoller, that only what is promised in the astrology chart may come to pass. When these things come to pass is based upon transit, progression, and direction. An astrologer who is trained in predictive art will look at these three to see when promised events in the chart will occur.  In the case of Tiger Woods, a brilliant and public challenge from his wife, destruction of his home, and life changing obsessions with sex are all promised in his chart. Here is the chart:

Tiger Woods

In this chart one can see Jupiter rules the 4th and 7th house. This is the house of home and marriage respectively. Likewise Jupiter is in the sign of Aries, which according to the Libra Hermetis implies “Powerful tyrants” and ones who are honored and achieve success in physical and martial activities. Is this Tiger, yes it is. Likewise, this Jupiter is in the terms of Mercury, indicating “being successful at business.” Is this Tiger, yes it is. This Jupiter is giving Tiger a good deal of his fame and fortune in the chart, so what is going on, why have things gone bad.

This Jupiter is squaring the Sun in the fourth house, so we know that Jupiter is going to be involved in creating soul lessons for Tiger.  Jupiter is also opposed Pluto in Libra for Tiger. Pluto in Libra is going to fixate on and crave beauty and passion. Thus the goodness of his career, marriage, and home, are going to be opposed at times in his life by his powerful fixation upon passion.

Look at the nodes in the chart. The South Node is in Taurus, the North Node is in Scorpio.  This nodal access suggests karmic lessons through relationships, specifically, relationships that are passionate and sensual. Why now? The solar directed Jupiter, is conjunct the malefic south node.  Thus Jupiter, Tiger’s great boon, is being consumed by the South Node.

Jupiter will always do things with a great blowout. It is a gas giant after all. So it is extravagantly self destructing in a public way now that it has reached the South Node. What would an astrologers advice be to Tiger this year, I would have said, be careful with your family and lay low.

I expect that when Jupiter moves past the South Node, Brand Tiger will recover. But because Solar Directions create permanent physical experiential changes, and not just emotional changes (as transits tend to), Tiger Woods will not have the same wife or home by the end of it all.

Green Revolution Part 2.

Now I want to look at the figurehead for the revolution. His name is Mir Hussein Moussavi. His chart is really quite interesting really in the light of current events. He was born in Khameneh Iran on the 21st of September 1941. His birth time has not been released as a matter of public record. Because of this we will set the birth time at 12 noon. This of course limits our ability to read the houses, which are a very big and important part of natal astrology. It is the houses that really give place and shape to the wonderful colors of the signs and voices of the planets. Still with the colors and voices we can tell a lot about Mir Moussavi and what his callings are, and more importantly, why his calling is now.

First let us look at how his Nodal axis is a Mercury Jupiter Axis. This is an axis that is philosophical (Jupiter) and Rational (Mercury) in its struggles for growth. It shows a person who struggles with the opposition of faith and logic and through which ideally develops a deep faith of personal philosophy.

Any planet aspecting the nodes by square, which is called the bends of the nodes, or conjunction is going to be pivotal in a karmic way in that person’s life. Can you guess what planets aspect Moussavi’s nodes. Yes that’s right, Neptune and Jupiter, which embody the green Revolution. Neptune conjuncts his north node. Neptune is a planet that invokes spiritual idealism. It is also exactly conjunct the Sun. We thus have a person whose destiny is to be spiritually and philosophically idealized by the masses and a figure head for their wish to have boundless freedom. Neptune here conjunct the Sun also shows a strong possibility of Martyrdom, as Neptune can very powerfully dissolve ones life force if it becomes active in a chart.

Next we find that Jupiter, which is the planet of the statesman, philosopher, and advocate is on the bends of the nodes. Thus Moussavi is also destined to play a role as all three of the above, especially when Jupiter becomes aspected in his chart. This Jupiter is trine Mercury, and receiving its blessings by being in Gemini. That Makes Moussavi a very skilled speaker and user of technology. He is known as a technocrat and has been using facebook to send out his communiqués.

This has been a simple first hand look at Moussavi’s chart. But I put forth it exemplifies the importance of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in the Green Revolution of Iran. We can conclude that Moussavi will be a significant historical figure in the changes that Iran is undergoing now, whether he lives….or not.

Moussavi's Birth Chart
Moussavi's Birth Chart