old sageJune’s Special is a Solstice Star Reading. It is an astrology reading based on your Heliacal Rising Star, the star rising at dawn the day you were born, and your Heliacal Setting Star, the star setting at dusk the day you were born, forcast your roots and strengths in life, and the mythology that you are growing into during your life respectively. You will find great enjoyment in learning your Star Lore, which adds a deep and rich mythological story to the legend of your personal experience when added to your zodiac chart. For the Month of June I will give Starlore readings, weaving the stars and how they support your planets and enrich your life into one meaningful reading. The reading is 60 to 90 minutes and will be recorded for your future enjoyment. For this month only, this intricate and deep reading which calls for much study on part of your chart before the reading will be 125$.
Much Love,