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Of Love, Eros, and Pragma

loversOh, the number one question for astrologers: relationships. Astrologers are asked to understand what in the chart makes a relationship work, what causes a relationship to fail? When we are young, Eros dominates and we just go for it, but as we mature, the more we become weary of what happens when dating goes wrong, the more cautious we become in choosing our prospective life partners. For many millenia marriages were arranged. It was astrologers who were counted on to help arrange successful relationships. Now relationships are romantically based, they are ruled by Eros. Eros is the principle of passionate love. Eros by definition comes and goes, it is the thrill and rush of initial hormones that cause the wildness of youth and the impulse of lust to bring forth crazy wild eyed rug rats that are our the future. Successful long term relationships though rely on Pragma. Pragma is the love that comes from acceptance and familiarity over time. Pragma can not be found instantly, it is something that must develop over time, with its development then the form of Love known as Familia can occur, that is family relationship that is the basis of the wholeness of the family experience.

Astrology accounts for the movements of Eros and the possibility of Pragma within the chart. Eros is found in the motions and symbolic presentations of Mars and Venus. For a relationship to have spark, romance, be capable of causing train wrecks in life, it must have Venus and Mars aspects. Trines and conjunctions are the most dangerous, the magnetism of them will at the very least throw you for an emotional a ride when they come along, if not sabotage your entire comfortable existence.

I love Eros, Venus is strong but tortured in my own chart, because it rules the midheaven, but is in fall in Virgo. Thus when people come to me for readings and I see Venus and Mars aspecting, I am thrilled. But alas, it is not always the best thing, because Eros by nature burns, it is an all consuming desire that overwhelms the body and minds of mortals. One must be a Hero, a Bodhisattva, a Buddha or a Saint to truly resist the Gods Mars and Venus when they strike. It is very difficult. Having them aspecting between two people is a great start to a relationship, because Eros will always allow you to come back and find the love through physical interaction if it is present in the chart. Make no mistake though, Eros comes and goes, and that is the danger. If your relationship is founded on Eros, then what happens when its not there? What happens when the transits of your life story push the Eros out, boredom happens. If you are of the cult of Eros, at that time, you will leave the relationship, and if you have children, houses, cars, mutual assets…well, then a lawyer is going to make some money off of your divine comedy. What is the medicine for Eros in the world of love and astrology?

Pragma is the medicine for Eros. Pragma is the form of love that endures compared to the passions of Eros. Pragma is the understanding that builds over many years of friendship and trust. It is found in the chart by the motions and locations of the luminaries. The Sun and the Moon are essence planets of the chart, and when they interact by trine or by conjunction, they indicate a long term understanding between two people. This long term understanding grows into a mutual affection through knowing one another. This is why astrologers always seek Moon and Sun aspects in relationship charts, because it means the people represented by the two charts will have understanding and thus be able to stay together in a loving and harmonious relationship despite the comings and goings of lust. This will outlast the movements of Eros, helping to avoid the costly lawyer fees associated with the ups and downs of Eros.

Now if you are looking for love, looking for a soul mate, looking for someone to help you raise your children, looking for someone to be there for you when you retire, someone you can walk on the beach with when you face is wrinkled from many revolutions around the sun, then you really want both Eros and Pragma in the synastry charts. But if you can only have one, and you want it to last, then you want Pragma, that is the lasting quality that develops over time.

Why not have a relationship reading. Special this month during the time of Libra, $125, find out how to make your eros into pragma!

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houseboatThe moon is in Pisces today Trine Saturn in Scorpio. Being a Virgo, Pisces is in the opposite place from my Sun or illumination, so it is going to be my shadow. The signs opposite any given planet you have are natural shadows to the energetic purpose of that planet. I also happen to have Mercury in Virgo, so I like thinking that is clear and rational, Virgo being an earth sign, I also like it to be stable. Thus intuitive, indecisive,thinking that is just floating ideas, as well as communication in such ways, which are all Piscean, are just challenging for my rational mind.

The rational mind though has a shadow, and in my case it is intuitive, indecisive thinking that has no boundaries or marching orders. Thinking that just is. This is the Pisces thinking. Being a shadow, it is hard for me to acknowledge it in others as having a purpose, let alone my self. And yet, there it is, a part of a whole, certainly true, and very undermining, because I refuse to relate to it. Carl Jung said somewhere enlightenment is found by illuminating the dark. In astrological terms it means we should all really spend sometime studying the opposite signs from our major dynamic energies. A Virgo Sun should spend time coming to know the Illumination of a Pisces Sun, for that is the Illumination of the Virgo’s Shadow.

What, then is Pisces. A Pisces is unknowing, intuiting, vast mind. It is mind that lets things unfold. Pisces is the natural Taoist mind. This is the supreme manifestation of going with the flow of the vast ocean. Sitting in the current and letting it take its course with deep trust. Allowing for all possibilities. Taping into the mind that is not individuated but rather deals with archetypes that are universal. Every Pisces I know is frustratingly hard to communicate with (hah!) not because they are not enjoyable to speak with, but because the conversation never gets anywhere. But Pisces does not need to get anywhere, it is at the end of the Zodiac and has already been everywhere! It is laughing at the need for something to happen, because everything has already happened, and the deep faith Pisces has means they are comfortable and assured that whatever else needs to happen, it will happen in the right way at the right time. That is the Pisces way. Faith and Trust in the vast cosmic nature, or god, or life nature. Since modern life really conflicts with this, modern life being made of spreadsheets, angles, streets, corners, stop lights, rules, and regulations, Pisces might just have to drink to get in touch with that reality. Pisces will sabotage any boundaries, because those boundaries are an image and a mirage to the Pisces Mind.

What do do when the Moon is in Pisces then? This is a struggle for a Virgo at least, and perhaps for otehr signs, I find myself at a complete lack of motivation and certainty this time of the month. The Moon is translating the Pisces archetype into the plane of relative mind, and suddenly, boom. All the boundaries are lost and the direction becomes a flow, rather than a direction. Wait, is that a mental wandering again…well so be it, when the Moon is in Pisces wander…freely, and by no means ever…lay a foundation for a house, unless its a houseboat.

New Moon in Libra 9.24.2014

ImageJ=1.43uThe new moon is in Libra today starting the astrological month of Libra. The Sun and Moon were conjunct at 1* Libra which makes it an early conjunction, indicating the start or beginning of new things.

In terms of our own aspirations and using the New Moon as a skillful way of creating goals for you life, we should set down Libra type goals this month. Libra is associated with balance, art, diplomacy, equality, justice, partnership and self expression. Aspirations for self development in the month are harmonious with the energy of the month when they are made in those areas of life. One of the greatest flaws of the Libra archetype is indecisiveness. As an exercise in setting the month straight be decisive with your aspirations for the month.

Looking at the implications of the month, in considering the New Moon chart the following qualities stand out: The ruler of Libra, Venus, is in Fall in Virgo. This is relatively common and happens about a third of the time that we have a Libra month. The indications are that matters of love and the heart as well as matters having to do with leisure and debauchery will not go smooth over the next month in general. Mars and Neptune are square. It is a waning square and thus has to do with the closing out of what is indicated by the Mars Neptune cycle. In this case we can say that it indicates dissolution and confusion in the matters of war and aggression. Uranus is returning back to an applying square to Pluto, the second to last in the dance they have been doing since 2012. The final square will be in 2016. This square will arrive in December and I will post about it closer to that time, but remember it in your mind over the next few months as tensions begin to arise again in the world. Uranus has been in Aries, which indicates the new, and Pluto in Capricorn which is resources. For all the pain that has been experienced by humanity in the past 5 years, I believe the final indications of this square will be that it was when society as a whole on the earth began to acknowledge, or remember, our roll as stewards of nature rather than harvesters of nature. Unfortunately the first square brought the Gulf oil spill, the second Fukushima disaster, the last one the struggle for gas pipeline ownership in the Ukraine. Thus the square teaches through hard lessons, and the quicker you learn the lessons the less pain involved with them. This is true for natal charts as well as mundane charts.

The New Moon occurs in the first Decan of Libra. Ibn Izra has this to say: A man in a shop in the market with scales in his hand, and he wishes to buy and sell. We can say also then New Moon aspirations can be made for profit through buying and selling.

Best wishes to you during the month of Libra, may you stall balanced, decisive, and communicate well.

The Spirit in Everything pt. 1.

8Serpent brings wealthWhen you walk down the street today, or get into your car, do you have a sense of the spirit of your car, or the spirits alive within the world around you, that occupy your life with you. Chances are that you do not, especially if you are a westerner. There were and are cultures and traditions that hold everything in the world to have spirit, and to be alive. Those cultures and traditions tend to be called primitive by those of us who live in the modern world and enjoy the amenities of modern medicine, modern electronic internet products, and modern transportation.

But are we richer emotionally and psychologically than the societies that have kept or had a deep understanding of the universe as a place filled with life and spirit? Do we experience the feelings of interconectedness of Na’vi in Avatar, or are we wandering a desert landscape of nihilism like Mad Max, speeding to our own fiery death. For us to be aware of the spirit in our lives, is to be able to find meaning and wholeness. It is to gain a richness of being, that we are part of a living fabric, rather than isolated pieces of matter. How did we as humans loose this view? It is accordingly to the Vedic and Buddhist traditions the nature of the times. We are living during the dark age where matter and material has paramount value over spirit. We are deep in the darkness of matter. It is something that happens cyclically to the spirits that are trapped in matter and body.

In understanding how, or why, astrology can have a meaningful effect on ones life experience, I believe we are better off if we hold a view of the world as a container, and its contents, as being alive, rather than just purely matter. The idea that matter is apriori to things themselves, or the beings of things can be traced to the philosophical musing of Aristotle. Before him, in the west, we had Plato who invisioned things as coming forth from a perfect and alive universe that had a wholeness of mind, as well as a multitudes of mind that experienced that wholeness. But then came along Aristotle. I am not sure he meant for us to look at all physical objects of the universe as being devoid of a being that experiences, but that is how the west took him, eventually forming the modern scientific materialistic world view.

The result is that we have riches beyond compare, but for the most part we are dissatisfied with our lives. It is so bad, so terribly bad, that we are as a species destroying the natural fabric that constitutes the basis of life on earth. When people look out into nature and they see a realm of life, of spirit, then they naturally would avoid harming that nature and life. But when we look out and see nothing but resources for promoting our riches, why would we not harvest those riches.

Many of us, do have respect for nature, and are aware of the great extinction that we are creating. It is the sixth great extinction, according to those who study the matters, but unlike the other five, it is caused by the dominant species on the planet, rather than being the result of natural dynamics. The question is do we behave in a way that can help negate this extinction? I was in Florida last year, speaking with some longterm friends who live there. They spoke casually of the fact that sea level rise would put most of Florida underwater in the next 50 years. They talked about how they were already paying taxes forward for shoreline defense. As they were talking I watched beautiful parots fly through the palm trees, and gazed at the incredible subtropical light which illuminates the Florida landscape. Then I looked at all the condominiums running air conditioners 24 hours a day keeping rooms at a cool 65. Then I lowered my eyes and counted the streams of SUV’s that were driving by. It was discordant, we are all aware of the problem of climate destruction, but we keep on living in a consumerist based mindset.

Is the answer to this mindset to stop modern technology and corporate political dominance of the world. As an astrologer, I can tell you that is not going to happen! We are entering the age of Aquarius, scientific rationalism and social containment through corporate structures are with us for the next two millennia. Abandoning it is not an option. But, we as individuals, can start bringing the sacred spirit back into our lives. That will be of benefit. We can start seeing the life in everything and respecting it, whether it is our houseplants, our cars, our clothes and food cans, or even our toilet. In Tibetan Buddhism there are prayers for dedicating your piss and shit to the ghosts in the toilet that will partake of it once you leave the bathroom. That is seeing and honoring the spirit in everything. That is a perception change, and one which can create a perspective change that will cause us as humans to respect the world rather than destroy it.

Build a spirit house in all you see and do, for the spirit in you goes on, but the matter in you will fall away.spirit house

The Good, the bad, and the Wood Horse.

I have a friend. He is a very good Chinese Astrologer. He is also Chinese, which, they say makes a huge difference. It is the belief of the Chinese people for the most part that every aspect of their culture is informed by thousands of years of philosophical history. Thus, it is their belief that we as westerners can only ever scratch the surface of the cultural meaning inherent in any Chinese Philosophy or Art. Astrology is one of those Arts. Here in the west, we like to take all the information we can find and use it to justify why we are the way we are. We have adopted Chinese Astrology in that manner to. This particular gifted Chinese Astrologer friend of mine says that the Tong Shu almanac cycle was never meant to be adopted to vast predictions of the year ahead. Rather it is only for personal understanding of one’s own destiny. This would then require looking into the Year, Month, Day, and Hour pillar of the individual. It would further require analyzing the elements that make up the heavenly stem, as well as the elements that make up the animal described by the earthly branch. It gets complicated. Saying it is the Year of the Horse, or even it is the year of the Wood Horse, is very simplistic. It is like saying you are a Scorpio at a party,(watch them all run!)

Hey, Horses Run! What a great way to start. Horses Run.The Horse year is by nature always fast paced. Horse is associated with the Fire element. It is considered to be Yin Fire, which is a slow burning smoldering fire. Yin Fire is like lava, or coals in the fire pit and ash pit. Its nature allows for an alchemical cooking. That means in general one should work hard on your enterprises this year, and the results will be successful after a long run, not a short sprint! It is a Wood Horse year, as we know fire burns and consumes wood. Thus it should be a year where fires and heat are in the news plenty. That can be safely said, but what to do with that? This year one should rely heavily on there intuition. Intuition is ruled by water, and water will quench the fire and nurture the wood, bringing balance to your horse this year.

The Horse is a great year to start or increase exercise programs, again, horses like to run. Pay attention to your nutrition, because horses need good solid food for all the running they do. You will do well to drink your 8 cups of water a day this year to quench the fire and nurture the wood.

In the general affairs of the world, we will see bold and combative movements in general. The shootings in America are already proving to be brazen rather than the sneaky shootings of the snake year. Likewise, Russia decided to take Crimea, home of the Tartars, or Horse People, with sudden and brazen action this year. Before the year is out, we will probably see a few more sudden and bold political, military, and powerful moves by nations, for Horses don’t calculate they Run.

Most people suggest investing in wood related industries, such as logging or construction during wood years, but you might also want to consider Fire related industries as better off. These include Television, Internet, Computer App, Weapons, and Oil and Gas. These are in harmony with the fueled fire.

In terms of personal effects, it all depends on your Four Pillars. For example, someone with a strong water chart would find this year to be great, as the water will be balanced by the wood and fire. Whereas someone with a weak water chart, might find this year to be overly exhaustive. It is best to consult a Chinese Astrologer for specific guidance. (of course I can do that for you.)

Best of Luck during the Yang Wood Horse!

A brief refutation for the upcoming Cardinal Square

world devourerOn April 20th there will be a big cardinal square involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. As is usually the case, some folks are writing intense and perhaps scary articles on the suggested effects of such an astrological occurrence. For whatever reason I have begun to love seasonaly refuting what might be termed “doomsday astrology.” So… we go.

A friend wrote recently asking about the upcoming grand square involving Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars. He had read some dire predictions and I seek here to give ample reasons why most of us will not be impacted. This does not mean there is not valid guidance in various attempts by astrologers to explain how to use the energy of this Grand Square it is rather saying, do not take everything personally, nor dramatically. For the most part, planetary astrology is not personal, only natal astrology is personal.

Of course if you would like a personal reading on how this transit might effect you, please feel free. I would love to connect and consult with you.

To start with we must understand that the astrology of nations is different than the astrology of individuals. It will cast a pallor upon the lives of individuals whose charts otherwise would not be affected by a given transit. The great astrologer Mas’hallah, who came up with the date for placing the foundation stone for the city of Bhagdad (which was known as the city of peace for 500 years, a relative success story in terms of historical time.) As well as the Jewish astrologer Abraham Ibn Ezra, both stated that when we speak of astrology we speak of astrology for Nations, Cities, and People. The first has power over the second which has power over the third. Likewise the astrology of the king, president, prime minister, or dictator has power over his subjects. This being said, in general a grand square will only effect those whose chart points it exactly touches in terms of specific points. For instance, if you have a planet or sensitive point (Ascendant, Midheaven, Part of Fortune, Part of Spirit, or either of the Nodes between 12 and 14 degrees in a cardinal sign) then and only then will you actually be effected in a material way by the given transit.

This brings us back to the first point, say this transit was to trigger Isreal bombing Iran’s Nuclear facilities, then Iran was to close down the Arabic Gulf with its little gun missile boats hitting oil tankers, then the U.S. to respond with the 5th fleet, then…. As one can imagiune, the various national charts would trump millions of personal charts. The question is, will that happen.

We have to consider a few things, the most important being, which national charts are effected. So far, during the Waxing Pluto Uranus Square, we have found that the most affected areas have been in the Middle East. We have seen dramatic effects in Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia. These collectively have been come to be known as the Arab Spring. Now why has this square effected this area. I would hypothesis that it is because the Middle East is now ruled by Mars and or the constellation Aries. Aries represents the first, and this region of the world is the “cradle of civilization”, like wise this region is Hot and Dry, which is the temperate nature of Mars. In addition this region has been associated during the last century with war and strife (Mars) and raw energy (Aries). This deviates from the writings of Ptolemey, but I think it is worth considering. Uranus is in Aries, and that would be why we are seeing the revolutionary impulse of the square occurring in this region.

What is important to note about this transit, is that it is a waxing square which is life affirming according to the great astrologer Dane Rudyhar. It has brought hope during times of stress and movements, more or less successful, towards democratization and awareness of oligarch over reach. This is opposed to when we as a world experienced the same tensions as a waning, or life negating square during the 1930’s (again according to Dane Rudyhar) the results were the rise rather than distrust of oligarchic power in the form of Fascist states as well as the Industrial Military Chemical complex and all of the ill it has wrought upon society subsequently.

So my initial response is one of hope rather than despair with Jupiter, the planet of hope, keying into this T Square. Further more the use of Mars for war has been a rather recent innovation and I have not yet read a paper showing historical proof for it. From the time of the Mesopotamian astrology to Rome (5000 years) which is a far greater time in astrological study than since Rome (2000 years) Venus was the planet used to indicate war and pestilence.

All of that being said, does the chart touch a key aspect of the chart for the United States of America? The U.S. Sibley chart, which is the main chart given to the U.S.ofA. (there are at least 3 charts in use by a large amount of astrologers, and multitudes of little off shoots) has Saturn at 14 degrees Libra, which would indeed then be activated. However Saturn in the Sibley chart does not Rule the Asc, Midheaven, Sun, or Part of Fortune for the national chart. It does rule the Moon, which for a nation indicates the people. The Moon however is in Sect and has power, it is also not the spirit ruler of the chart, since it is a day time chart. It also rules the second house and the third house.Thus at best I would forecast a rising of people against the 1% perhaps a movement similar to occupy wall street for this spring and summer. Likewise I would consider a stock market that makes radical moves in a bubble direction. That would be the extent of my forecast given all the aforementioned factors. I believe everything else would be hyperbole or fanciful conjecture in search of emotional effects upon the readers. This is only in accord with the U.S. Sibley chart, the effects could be dramatically different for other national charts depending on where the Grand Square hits. If we are to use the second most popular chart for the U.S., the Scorpionic America Chart June 10 1977, the Grand Cardinal Square does not hit a sensitive chart point at all.

To double check on the matter I am going to look at the Aries Ingress chart for Washington D.C. to see if there are any other stress points. The Aries Ingress occurs at 12:57 PM March 20th in Washington D.C. Jupiter conjuncts the Horizon in Cancer, The Sun is in Aries on the Midheaven. Now this has been said to indicate a nation will go to war and will have success at such endeavors. I will have to study this further, as our country is in a state of ongoing war and has been so for decades now. But there is no indication in the chart, at a cursory glance, of impending doom. Again, this only reflects the U.S, One cannot speak to other nations without looking at their own unique situations astrologically.

Of interest is the National Chart of the Ukraine. I pointed out on my facebook page, heartastrology, on February 18th that the Ukraine’s chart meets the criteria set forth. Seeing as how this proved to be an accurate prediction of where the “event” of this transit would occur, before the actual even occurred, I will write a post concerning how it fit for the readers general education.

Astrological Observations 2: Predictions for the upcoming year

questioning astrologyAbout this time of year, as well as in the spring during the Aries Ingress, and of course during the change of the Chinese astrological year, we, the professional class of astrologers, cart out our yearly predictions. I have noticed, after watching the cycle for a few years now, (about 10 with avid professional interest and to note, watching cycles is what astrologers actually do, nothing more nor less) a pattern has started to appear before my very eyes. Every year, it seems, the headlines from astrologers are it is a crises year!

This is good for business no doubt! Every year seems to bring a great cataclysmic alignment that has not happened since who knows when, or since the last great calamity that shook society. Every year brings about hard outer planet squares and oppositions that are really going to rock society. Every year also brings about a few great grand trines that are the soul opportunities of a lifetime, or for that matter lifetimes! What is this about? How could we be in such a state of ongoing transformation and crises?

The answer is first, that it is good for business. If I were to write an article about how challenging the next year will be, then a few folks would read it and want to call. That would be good for me, and for them I suppose. I do tire however of the scare tactic advertising that classical astrologers use, as well as the soul evolution opportunism that New Age Psychological astrologers use. Every year will be one of immense challenge and opportunity for all beings. That is written in the stars. In Buddhist thought there is the idea of Impermanence. The core of this concept is that every day is an immense opportunity. It is one of the four thoughts, and those who master these four contemplations of Impermanence, Preciousness of being a human, cause and effect, and the nature of life as suffering, tend to give up sleep. They train their minds to recognize the disasters and opportunities on hand at every waking moment. With that recognition, they really take advantage of the time they have in their human bodies. A hat tip to them! If you gain this kind of recognition, astrology just becomes a skillful tool for timing. For the rest of us, perhaps the dire yearly astrological prognostications can serve to help remind us of that, I would say that is the benefit of general yearly prognostications!

Why would I say that? It is because the ups and downs of the year are very dependent upon your chart. For instance, we are in a 5 year experience of the Pluto Uranus Waxing Square aspect (Google it if you want to read some dire predictions!), it has not turned out necessarily as bad as it could have. The historic Fukushima Nuclear disaster happened pretty close to and exact hit. Also, if you live in Syria, it has turned out to be a particularly bad time, but that is another story. What I have noticed, is a large percentage of my clients over the last year had this dynamic planetary alignment aspecting a pivotal point in their natal chart. This general aspect affected them, because it touched a personal point in their chart. For a lot of folks, whose charts it did not aspect specifically, they did not really feel it with the same gravitas. The dire predictions associated with this grand cosmic square aspect, has not been dire, terrible, or rough.

Please understand that when we speak of astrology, we are speaking of bunch of planets, planetoids, asteroids, assigned epic myths going around in a circle aspecting themselves over and over year after year. This creates a great and dramatic story line, but that is what it is, archetypal descriptions of a grand drama. Because of this inherent paradigm in astrology, every year is going to be a crises and an opportunity for evolution. Keep that in mind as you read this years prognostications from the professional class of astrologers selling their wares, and you will have the grain of salt that makes all astrological soup taste better. I hope to write my predictions in March for your enjoyment by the way. Enjoy your New Year, it will be a good one.

Much Love,

Astrological Observations 1: a day about Neptune.

This planet is so mysterious.
This planet is so mysterious.
Hmm….I am going to try a new approach to astrology blogging. Rather than writing long thought out pieces that have their own integrity, and then procrastinating endlessly, when the muse is not present for such endeavors, I will just blog out daily thoughts on Astrology and perhaps other topics. Bare with me dear audience, it could be messy, genius, or boring. At the very least it shall become a little more productive.

I have been under the sway of a Neptune transit to 5 of my personal planets for the last 5 years. It started with Neptune Square Jupiter, then moved onto oppose Venus, Sun, and Mercury, and will end with a Square to my Natal Saturn next year. Mercury by whole signs rules my sixth house as well as my ninth house. So one would expect the opposition to effect the areas that those houses rule within my chart. That is how astrology is supposed to work.

As it turns out, with the aspect being exact this week, the oddest and strangest phenomena has happened. How Neptunian! One of the six chickens I own disappeared. No trace, just vanished. Not only that, but each of the six chickens was assigned to one of my family members, and the chicken that disappeared was the one who was “mine” with in the family context. According to William Lilly in his book Christian Astrology, the sixth house (remember it is ruled by my Mercury which is receiving an opposition to Neptune right now) rules….get this…..”the small animals which one possesses.” Neptune has everything to do with disappearance. Neptune also is associated with mystery and uncertainty. Two days after disappearing, we heard thumping outside at night. This morning I woke up and went outside to a beautiful frosted yard with…. you guessed it, Garu’s (the chicken who disappeared) feathers scattered about the yard. Now a Raccoon, which is always the number one suspect in these parts, only eats the gullet and always leaves a carcass. You guessed it, Mr. Neptune said no carcass, in fact, not even enough feathers to determine whether my sixth house possession was alive or not. Just Mystery…mystery my friend Neptune. I loved that chicken, it was a pet after all, so I spent the day in a minor depression, which as all astrologers know, is ruled by Neptune.

Some strange facts about Neptune. Neptune actually has an internal heat source, which keeps it as warm as Uranus even though it is a billion miles farther away from the Sun than its closest neighbor. No one knows what the source of this internal heat is, after all, it is considered an ice planet. Neptune’s magnetic field is not in any way aligned with how the planet rotates. Why it is the way it is, no one knows. Neptune’s moon Triton, one of 13 orbits the planet in the opposite direction of the other 12 moons. Again why this is is uncertain, and uncertainty is ruled by Neptune.


Mercury Retrograde. When to use it, and when to not.

hidden foxHere we are in the heart of Mercury Retrograde and I wanted to take a perusal through the headlines to see if we could find its typical effects.

The most obvious and immediately striking headline is the technical computer difficulties of the American Affordable Care Act. Now why would the AFA be struck by this motion? These difficulties were there before Mercury went Retrograde, but they were for the most part being ignored. As soon as Mercury went retrograde they were all any one was talking about. The law was signed on March 23 2010 and has a 5* Cancer Moon. This moon is being afflicted by a square from the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn. Mercury will go direct while trine the natal moon of the AFA. This promises well, that by the time Mercury is direct, many of the glitches will be worked out, and the public will move onto other interests. This ties in with important information I would like to express about the phenomena of Mercury Retrograde.

I had a friend tell me that Mercury Retrograde is really effecting her right now and it usally does not. I asked her if she had a lot of planets in Scorpio. Of course she does! Mercury Retrograde effects you strongly if its station aspects a natal planet. That is what to look for when you want to know how you will experience any particular retrograde. You will also find significance if Mercury then chooses to go direct on one of your natal sensitive points. I use an orb of 3* to show whether there is a noticeable effect or not. In most cases transits to outer planets do not produce verifiable noticeable effects. The time when this would be different would be when the outer planet is deeply involved in a stellium that Mercury’s motion is triggering.

If none of your sensitive points are being triggered during the retrograde or direct point, then sit back and enjoy, except for a few minor hiccups, you will be mostly a spectator to Mercuries drama this cycle.

The benefits of an “inquisitive” professional astrology reading.

woman-with-flower-590x295What are the advantages of a professional astrological consultation one may ask. The answer would depend on what you are seeking. If one wishes to look into how they think, how they emotional react, what the roots of those reactions are, then that is called psychological or inquisitive astrology. This is a reading that is about how you, as a soul, shine in this world. This is a type of astrology that was propagated by the Theosophists, Dane Rudyar, Stephen Arroyo, Steven Forrest and many other great astrologers. It has a specific purpose, and that purpose is to help you get to know yourself. Proponents of this type of astrology tend to think that it is the most valid form of astrology, because they say destiny is not predetermined, and this form of astrology is pure, in that it speaks to the archetypes that make up the psyche of the human. This allows us to gain insight into how we are, where we are coming from, and to gain tools into how to reconcile our disparate voices, and the inherent contradictions they have within themselves.

From this perspective the planets with in the chart are energies that are alive within us. These vital energies are either clean or rough in there expression. If they are dominated by Trines or Sextile aspects they are clean and it is hard for us to percieve their effect. The astrologer helps the client understand how they are effecting others through these planets, so the client can become more conscious of they way they effect the world. If the energies are aspected by Square, or Opposition, then the client is most often already distinctly aware of these energies. For they will be receiving constant feedback from others within the world about how these matters. The client will then benefit from known what the energies are, and how to begin to skillfully use them, how to avoid using them in a destructive manner, and how to put them into use for accomplishing personal aims.

This category of reading falls under the ancient western spiritual axiom, “know thyself” which is inscribed on the head stone on the walls of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Remember how I said this is a reading about how you Shine, Apollo was the deity of the Sun, and knowing thyself was his indication that we need to learn what our light that we have to shine on the world is. These things can be revealed through astrology, and as the Greek philosophers stated, until you know yourself, how can you know anything else, likewise, once you know yourself you will know others. It can not be underestimated how beneficial this is in ones relationships with lovers, children, business associates, and friends. How incredibly practical and enjoyable. Astrology here then is a bridge which is a useful tool on the path to self knowledge, and this is what a good “inquisitive” reading will do for you.

For ‘inquisitive” readings it is better for their to be multiple consultations as this form of astrology takes contemplation and dialogue. The astrologer must be flexible enough to let the client express themselves fully as the archetypes the chart displays. At the same time it is the astrologers job to keep the pace of insights going. For you as the client, the result should be fresh views on one’s strengths and pitfalls as human within society. For some people that society will be a larger general question, but often times it has to do with how one works within ones family, work environment, and general social circumstances. As a result of the understandings you gain, there will be greater compassion for yourself and for the ones you love. The benefits are immense and deep.

As a celebration of the Leo new moon, I am offering an inquisitive reading, where we look at the archetypal and psychological elements of your chart together for half price. That is 60 to 90 minutes looking at the various factors of your chart from the perspective spoken of above.

Much Love,

Inquisitive reading 75.00