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The benefits of an “inquisitive” professional astrology reading.

woman-with-flower-590x295What are the advantages of a professional astrological consultation one may ask. The answer would depend on what you are seeking. If one wishes to look into how they think, how they emotional react, what the roots of those reactions are, then that is called psychological or inquisitive astrology. This is a reading that is about how you, as a soul, shine in this world. This is a type of astrology that was propagated by the Theosophists, Dane Rudyar, Stephen Arroyo, Steven Forrest and many other great astrologers. It has a specific purpose, and that purpose is to help you get to know yourself. Proponents of this type of astrology tend to think that it is the most valid form of astrology, because they say destiny is not predetermined, and this form of astrology is pure, in that it speaks to the archetypes that make up the psyche of the human. This allows us to gain insight into how we are, where we are coming from, and to gain tools into how to reconcile our disparate voices, and the inherent contradictions they have within themselves.

From this perspective the planets with in the chart are energies that are alive within us. These vital energies are either clean or rough in there expression. If they are dominated by Trines or Sextile aspects they are clean and it is hard for us to percieve their effect. The astrologer helps the client understand how they are effecting others through these planets, so the client can become more conscious of they way they effect the world. If the energies are aspected by Square, or Opposition, then the client is most often already distinctly aware of these energies. For they will be receiving constant feedback from others within the world about how these matters. The client will then benefit from known what the energies are, and how to begin to skillfully use them, how to avoid using them in a destructive manner, and how to put them into use for accomplishing personal aims.

This category of reading falls under the ancient western spiritual axiom, “know thyself” which is inscribed on the head stone on the walls of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Remember how I said this is a reading about how you Shine, Apollo was the deity of the Sun, and knowing thyself was his indication that we need to learn what our light that we have to shine on the world is. These things can be revealed through astrology, and as the Greek philosophers stated, until you know yourself, how can you know anything else, likewise, once you know yourself you will know others. It can not be underestimated how beneficial this is in ones relationships with lovers, children, business associates, and friends. How incredibly practical and enjoyable. Astrology here then is a bridge which is a useful tool on the path to self knowledge, and this is what a good “inquisitive” reading will do for you.

For ‘inquisitive” readings it is better for their to be multiple consultations as this form of astrology takes contemplation and dialogue. The astrologer must be flexible enough to let the client express themselves fully as the archetypes the chart displays. At the same time it is the astrologers job to keep the pace of insights going. For you as the client, the result should be fresh views on one’s strengths and pitfalls as human within society. For some people that society will be a larger general question, but often times it has to do with how one works within ones family, work environment, and general social circumstances. As a result of the understandings you gain, there will be greater compassion for yourself and for the ones you love. The benefits are immense and deep.

As a celebration of the Leo new moon, I am offering an inquisitive reading, where we look at the archetypal and psychological elements of your chart together for half price. That is 60 to 90 minutes looking at the various factors of your chart from the perspective spoken of above.

Much Love,

Inquisitive reading 75.00

The meaning of a Professional Astrologer

Mars at warAs Mars perfected its square to Uranus yesterday, I had a client claim she did not owe me money because I did not explain that a second session would cost money. This is a rather sad but common occurrence in the profession of astrology. First off, I am a professional astrologer. I have invested thousands of dollars in in equipment and in studying with the best astrologers of our time to ensure that my skills are accurate and sharp. I have read thousands of charts and had thousands of clients in the last 10 years. The result is that I can confidently say my chart analysis will benefit you and help you make valuable life decisions that can save you heartache, time, money, guide you personally and professionally and even help you on your way to deep spiritual insight. This is what a professional astrologer is and what a professional astrologer can do. If you call me for an astrological consultation this is what you are getting, and like any other professional, you will be charged for it.

The reason for this is two fold, fist and foremost you will get more from the reading if you pay for it. You will value it and actually listen to what is said. What is said will only benefit you if you really think about it and then act upon it. Second, this is not a hobby for me. It is a profession and I have a family that I support with it. If you want a hobbyist reading, go find a friend who is approaching the study of the art, or better yet study astrology yourself. I respect that. But if you call me, you are getting a professional, and like any professional you will be paying for the service . My time is not free, whether you are an associate or friend or stranger does not matter. A professional reading from me has a fee associated with it. You do not call a doctor and expect them to offer you a free service because they do not mention the fee. You do not go see a therapist and expect them to offer you a free session, just because they do not mention the fee. Same with the lawyer, a lifecoach, an investment banker, or any other professional.

Just because you may have a few friends who have studied astrology, or paid for a reading from a non professional who was not able to see into your chart with accurate clarity, does not mean you do not need to respect the profession of astrology. The hobbyist, the charlatan, those who mix the art of astrology with there spiritual belief system and use it as a vehicle for their philosophical imperialism all give less than accurate readings, because they do not rely on the empirical accuracy of a tradition that is over 20,000 years old (for more information on this read Nick Campions “the dawn of astrology”) These are not professionals, they are people who use astrology for their own means. A Professional Astrologer is profound and worth it and the reading they give you is of tremendous value. If you talk the whole time, and treat the session as a therapist event that does not mean you do not pay for the session. If I have to say the same thing to you 40 times in a session in hope that you can hear it, you still owe for the session. If you walk away feeling you did not like what was said, you still owe for the session. If you call, you owe for the session. Treat it with respect and you will be rewarded for consulting it.

Mars rules my second house, that of financial matters. Uranus means conflict, revolution, energetic reaction, and sudden insight. May all beings benefit.

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Astro Weather: Venus Trine Pluto

Without Sex and Death would there be beauty and love. For the next two days Venus will be Trine Pluto. Venus as the lesser benefic can be intense when in this aspect. It calls forth images of intense passion as we have urges towards pleasure. Energetically Venus is the urge towards the pleasure of incarnation.

Pleasure in our current society is a commodity, and the struggle to attain it is one of the roots of conflict within our society. Venus was considered by the Meso-American cultures as well as the Chinese and Babylonian astrologers to be a harbinger of war. Because desire is endless, the powerful have an innate and intense habit to dominate those without power to gain and control the resources that bring pleasure. The fight over this power, is a cause of war. Pleasure is even used as a means of having power over the working class. This is found through the constant selling of sexual imagery, alcohol and intoxicating substances, and the pleasure of food, fashion, music, movies and all forms of entertainment. All of the items just mentioned are ruled by Venus. Pluto has been given rulership of power by modern astrologers.

When Venus is trine Pluto, then the mechanisms of Power and Pleasure are available to use and meditate on. When one meditates and gains mastery over the energies of Power and Pleasure for personal transformation into wisdom this is one of the considerations of Tantra.

Those who have Venus trine Pluto in their Natal charts will have an ease of using sensuality as a commodity of power, this can be a creative gift or a manipulative gift depending on the motivation and wisdom of the individual.

How do you use beauty to have power over others. How do your desires control your actions, and have power over you. How can you transform your experience of desires into the power of wisdom. These are subjects to meditate on over the next few days.

the Mysterious Air of Neptune

The Neptune Theater, where I saw the delightfully elusive Cocteau Twins
The Neptune Theater, where I saw the delightfully elusive Cocteau Twins

I was requested by a few folks to write on the effects of Neptune going Retrograde. Seems some folks are taking this seriously. First, Neptune goes apparent retrograde in motion every 12.07 months. So whatever effects you are noticing, well, we would see variations on those effects every 12 months approximately. What are the effects of Neptune going Retrograde, this must be a matter of debate. Most people associate Neptune with either spiritual qualities, dissolving effects, or depressive qualities. Neptune is the fog bank, the fog bank keeps things hidden, it went retrograde while Trine Saturn in Scorpio (hidden secrets) and Square Mars in Gemini (Aggressive act of information or thought). So, in retrospect, we can say Neptune going retrograde revealed hidden secrets of aggressive information. This is a pretty objective reading, which is easy to do in hindsight. If Neptune did something spiritual, it would be hard to tell, it is not easy judging whether a spiritual event has occurred, because spiritual events always depend on subtle subjective phenomena and experience. Unless they portend miracles, but miracles are often illusions, which is also ruled by Neptune. Neptune going retrograde can create spiritual disillusionment. The judging of miracles as illusion, or spiritual delusion, the judging of illusion as miracles. I hope that last paragraph was not confusing, but if it was, confusion and uncertainty are ruled by Neptune.

But to whom and where does this stuff occur. Some folks like to give out broad prognostications. It does not work like that really, this universe, the universe of astrology, and its philosophical basis is more clockwork than that. We look at Neptune as a gear in that clock. Nations, cities, individuals, relationships are clocks. You are an astrological clock. If the Neptune going retrograde gear hits one of your gears, or a nations gear, then you can expect your clock, or the subject of astrological judgements clock to move. For example: Neptune when retrograde at 5*Pisces. The United States of America has Jupiter (justice, openness) using either the sibley chart or the Scorpionic chart at 5 degrees Cancer. The Neptune going stationary, then retrograde, gear fit into the U.S.A gear. The result is we got an event that is verifiable, not just an abstract positive or negative aphorism. However if you look at Canada’s birth chart, they do not have any planets aspecting 5* Pisces. For Nation charts to click, you want aspects with the outer planets to be very exact.

My own chart has Mercury at 3* Virgo ruling the 6th house of health and Saturn in the sixth house of Health at 6 degrees Gemini. Thus I got a gear connect with Neptune going stationary then Retrograde. What happened, in the middle of summer I came down with a debilitating flu. (I would like to postulate that Neptune rules viral infections. For instance, Saturn and Neptune were opposed during the Spanish Influenza.) So what is my take on Neptune going retrograde, that a Neptune and whatever other planet was involved event occurred when it did so, if you have a gear which connected with it in your chart.

Be well.

Whiskey Poem

Woke up in a field of whiskey
And torn bras strewn
Like spider webs across
The broken rusted truck parts
I call home.
This field of dreams
Is dying one old man
Soaked in old spice
Hoarse with old crow
At a time.
And while the sun is always rising
For those whose flesh
has not yet
Begun to rot
from the over activity of
swollen sexual organs,
I am now beginning
to eat my days
One bowl of grits at a time
In a sour mash of jazz music
And corporate
Clockwork bank scandals
that lead only
to a shinning box
of Ebony,
covered by a few
handfuls of crumbling dirt.
~ For Jeffrey Haloff and Charles B.
A field of Whiskey
Goetia and Heroes
Voices of animals
the distant callings of angels
Swirling night after night
Body after body
From distant caves chard
With the black of Men and Women
Who we can only guess at
By the Cleavages of bones
And dust of sorrow
Upon blackened moist walls.
Who brought this first into our blood
This throbbing warmth
Of a demon and genius
This Fluid of Life and Death
That scatters itself like broken glass
Generation after generation
Onto the floors of cracked dreams
And crystal brandy snifters .
That man, or that woman,
Who first quenched parchness to
to find stumbling, muttering
Incomprehensible and heroic words?
I wish to kiss them,
For making man,
And woman
Something miserable yet interesting,
A field of dreams
Where animals and Goetia
play and heroes rise.

Torn Bras
Victoria secret catalogs
The scent of sex
clamors over the dust and moss
of this world like
fruit flies
over wine in July.
Keep it covered they say
over and over again
those apostles of the dead
with their black tongues and black eyes
But nothing can keep this covered
and thank you to the earth
for producing a generation fearless
in its sopping fruit dripping
with youth and moans
who have torn asunder
the veils that separate
flesh and spirit
like dawn tears away
darkness’s velvet curtain
So roses and lilac may bloom.
May they rise
glory of taught muscles
and swinging thighs
with endless fertile bacchanal dance
trumpeted by Satyr’s cryptic flutes
and swayed by nymphs glances
and red lipped moans
volcanic creative spirit
sundering red and white explosion
life tremors vibrant threads
unabashed free release
from strings of deceitful lords
that would cover
your ecstatic lightning
in leaves of fig
uselessly trying to contain
your flesh born birth right bliss
attempting to strap and own
like those cheap bras from Victoria
that tear and scatter across the floor
useless in commodity.

Charles Bukowski examines cats and his childhood in You Get So Alone at Times, a book of poetry that reveals his tender side. He delves into his youth to analyze its repercussions.

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Thursday, Thors day, and the gods were once planets.

The Planets were inseparable from the Gods for most of human history. We have come so far in our modern edge and scientific mindset that we the educated west tend to completely dismiss as superstition the ways that our ancestors thought. Every new generation thinks it is the smartest, best, and most intelligent generation that has lived. But are we more intelligent then our forefathers, our customs and technology are different, but are we better as humans, are we more or less connected to the universe we live in? We used to have a rich mythology that we as man new our place in, now we have a vast cosmos which never ends extending in all directions with planets. Humanity and the earth it lives on are no longer places where we have cosmic meaning. Modern Science has brought us into a vast cosmological soup of nihilism where we are but a function of a universe that carries on with or without us.

When one considers such a thing, the rise of fundamentalism is seen as having a function. For fundamentalism offers faith to its followers, faith that they are part of something, that they have a place in the universe. This appeals to people on a deep emotional level, a level that goes deeper than the intellect and what it knows. This principle of Faith can be found in Jupiter. Jupiter as an old god, a planet who would circle the Zodiac every twelve years from our perspective on earth is giving the meaning of faith, spiritual joy, good fortune. For this reason it is considered the greater benefic in astrology.

We all need the principle of the Greater Benefic in our lives. A belief that everything is going to work out well, for the better, and if we have hope, and strive hard, and do good, then things will work out well for us. I have found often times that those who do not have well aspected Jupiters in their charts struggle with faith. Not the kind of faith that is religious necessarily, but an even more basic faith that things will work out. This is the kind of faith that gives hope during difficulties and saves us from Nihilism.

Look at where Jupiter is in your chart, that is the place in your life where you are lifted out of depression and given a higher purpose in life. Therefore it is a place where you know you can go to for comfort when you are faced with challenges.

May Jupiter be kind to you and serve you well,
Written on a Thursday, the day that belongs to Jupiter.

The Signing of a Law

The Unites States President signed into effect 23 executive orders on gun control on the 16th of January 2013. I am in favor of some gun control, none the less, I seek not to argue the point here, rather to marvel at the astrological time that the executive order took place. The chart for the event is strong evidence that the event was astrologically chosen for effect. When you time an event, such as signing a document, starting a journey, or getting married, to the astrological significators in the sky, it is called an election.

This works, because everything is interdependent. Astrology is the study of interdependence on a grand and microcosmic level. The myths and archtypes that lend themselves to the bodies of astrology are as old as humankind, and have been in use since the dawn of history. They are so embedded in the psyche of man, that they fit into every religion. Thus they permeate all societies. Elections work, because of the deep connection between the archetypes that make up our conscious mind, subconscious mind, and unconscious minds. Elections are taping into that power, whether people are aware of it or not.

The time that the president signed the bill was 12:16 pm January 16th, 2013th in Washington D.C., the chart for that signature is below:

The sign which is best at controlling in the Zodiac is Capricorn. Wherever you find Capricorn you find control. Here we find Capricorn on the midheaven. This is a place of power. The Sun is in Capricorn, conjunct the place of the Midheaven, giving maximum control to the ruler. Who is the ruler, the ruler is always the Sun. Thus with this signing, the president gains maximum control through his rule. These executive orders will not be undone. Rather they will be built upon. The other meaning of Capricorn, which is a fixed earth sign is a foundation. If you want anything to last, you do it when Capricorn is involved.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Saturn is conjunct the angle of horizons. Here it gains tremendous power to support the rule of the Sun. The power comes from secret agreements, as Capricorn is in Scorpio, the sign of Secrets. Despite the public outcry of opposition parties, there has already been agreement on how gun control will be introduced to America. This is what I see indicated by this placement of Saturn.

The Moon, which is the translator of the energy of the stars to earth, by its motion, in western astrology, is at 0* Aries. This is the place of new beginnings. Anything started at 0 degrees Aries indicates the start of a cycle or endeavor. These executive orders are for the new endeavor of controlling the guns in the possession of the American Public. The Moon represents the public, as well it is in the 12th house, which is the house of controlling, and dis-empowering, and mental illness. We are seeing the power of the American Public limited by this motion. (Again, I am for limited gun control, so make of that statement what you will. I believe that people should have back ground checks before being able to purchase a gun.) The moon also rules the fourth, which in a national chart is the people. I believe that the indication is that the ability of Mentally unstable people to own guns will be taken away as the end result of these executive actions.

Mars, which rules the Moon, is in Aquarius, the sign of the public good on the Midheaven. This indicates that the government believes it is doing this action to further the good of the people.

This chart is a powerful election for ensuring that Gun Control becomes law. With this chart it is fait accompli.

Much love,

Dec. 21 2012. The End of the World

Stela J depicts the Long count. It is uncertain what was really meant by the date August 11 3114 BC but they wrote it, and now we are tripping out about it.
Well friends, countrymen, countrywomen, colleagues, foreign nationals and humans of all shapes and sizes, we have now arrived at the end of the Mayan Tzolkin Long Count Calender, the end of the world. I am a little uncertain as to why a central american tribe gets to end the world for all of us, it seems a little absurd, like allowing a christian fundamentalist theologists to be the one who gets to call down the rapture on everyone else. Nonetheless, it is apparent that the Mayan astrologers did call the end of the world for dec. 2012 when there long count calendar would flip over, so we must heed the warning!

Wait one second…did I say flip the calendar? What is that about? We flip the Calendar every year. We flip from Dec. 31st to Jan. 1st every year. In doing so does the world end? Actually, we just set off some fire works, drink a lot, get into occasional debauchery and trouble, and wake up hung over. In fact, if we were not all about to transcend, this year we would be celebrating the end of the world known as 2012 and the beginning of the world known as 2013, but no western calendar fanatics are calling for mass destruction or transcendence…what gives? Maybe the Judeo-Christian Latin world was not as apocalyptic and blood thirsty as the Central American Mayan people. Well, actually, I am sure the JCL’s are more blood thirsty, you see, the subjugated the entire world, installed the Latin Calendar as the world system, along with Coca Cola and Starbucks as the world drink, and put a salvation with only room for some 3000 folks to transcend in there holybook. That is pretty bad. The Latins win hands down for the greatest bloodiest conquering and exclusionary tribe of known history.

So what if the end of the Mayan Calendar is just a Calendar flip? Well, actually, it is. Now don’t get mad, if you want to transcend to the 13th dimension right now, be my guest. I am all for that. But concerning the facts of the Mayan calendar itself and the mythic meanings it is said to embody, one of the difficulties we have is that the Latin culture we were talking about actually wiped out 99.99% of Mayan books, and the entire Native Mexican priest class intellectual structure which knew the complete oral history of what was going on. Thus sadly, we don’t actually know what thir scientific priest class was thinking when they carved these dates in stone, because white man is so good at destroying tribal traditions. We destroyed their culture, thank God we did. If we hadn’t then certainly the international economic crises would be far worse this year as we wouldn’t have a thriving market of quartz and amethyst sales as people prepare to meet HaHe ReRo when they transcend to the Pleiades. (speaking of which, feel free to call me for a crystal guaranteed to aid in spiritual transcendence for a mere 150 U.S. I have blessed it with my special spiritual substance and boy does it vibrate!) The downside of it all, is know we get to guess at why they would carve dates in stone.

Here is a very brief summary of what is known of the Mayan long count calendar system. According to the Mayan system this world was established on August 11, 3114 BC. It is interesting that a whole lot of people who scoff at the christian theocratic assertion that the world is only 6 or 7 thousand years old have no problem jumping on the Mayan calendar band wagon, which states this world, the 4th world started in 3114 B.C. What is indicated here is that the calendar turned over then, and a new age of man was started. The fourth. Now we are where the 5th Age would theoretically start. For at December 21, 2012 is simply the day that the calendar will go to the next b’ak’tun. B’ak’tun’s are roughly 5126 years long. So, the Mayan Calendar flips from the date to that night. Whoot! Now making it to another B’ak’tun was considered a major universal feat. It was a time of Ceremony. Now we should all remember that Ceremony is a translated as drinking, partying, and dancing in traditional societies.

Do you see where we are. We are back at the beginning. The end of the world, is just the new year. The flipping of the calendar, and a great time for drinking, partying, enjoying, celebrating. We made it! We get to see the calendar flip. We might not evolve into photonic rainbow light on Dec. 21st 2012, but at least we can really have a good excuse for some drinking, dancing, sex, and rock and roll that night! Well, one second. An important note is that ceremony in a traditional sense also involved trying to become better humans and praying. This is just like your New Years resolution. We must not only party, but try to become better humans and better caretakers of the garden, that is the earth. Don’t forget that part. It is important.

As the Beasties said so eloquently: YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO PARTY.

This post is for Jolie Colby. Thank you for the inspiration dear.

For further reading: or the book recommended below.

From the pioneering author who helped introduce the question of 2012 into the global spiritual community comes an epic exploration of the authentic origins and meaning of this portentous date.

Drawing from his own groundbreaking research (including his involvement in the modern reconstruction of Mayan 2012 cosmology), John Major Jenkins has created the crucial guide to 2012, surveying its roots in Mayan cosmology, modern astronomy, ancient prophecy, and metaphysical philosophy and exploring why it has become a focal point for millions today.

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Lunar Eclipse 6 degrees gemini

Lunar eclipses create effects on a few levels. They will create an effect on any planet they aspect in a tight orb. They will also create an effect on the weather. The effects on personal planets are defined by the soros cycle that the eclipse is part of. This eclipse is part of Saros cycle N15. According to Bernadette Brady its effect is a” time of good news which entails responsibility or commitments, but there is joy in the undertaking. Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenthood can be highlighted.” To look at this within your chart look for the access of Scorpio/ Sagittarius and Taurus/Gemini in your chart. That is where this eclipse will play out in your chart. This includes the last solar eclipse also which occurred at 21* Scorpio. The Lunar Eclipse is occurring at 6* Gemini.

As a powerful example I have a client whose nodal access is at 4* gemini. The first solar eclipse of this cycle conjuncted her Moon. The Lunar eclipse is conjunct her south node, she became pregnant.

Certainly an eclipse event in the Natal Chart is going to trigger a karmic challenge or lesson. For an event to occur, one must have an orb of 2.5 degrees or less by opposition or conjunction. Some use wider orbs, but I do not find the eclipse is certain to effect if you go farther than that or if you use other aspects. Brady will use a square aspect by one degree, but I have not seen the square have enough force to radically push the native in the case of a transiting eclipse.

Lets say you have Saturn at 6 degrees Gemini in the 5th house. The likely effect of this eclipse will be one of forcing engagement in creative endeavors, or with children. This would be a case out of responsibility or duty. But the experience, because of the nature of the Saros Cycle would be one of joy, or enjoyment. Look at eclipses in the natal chart as karmic triggers.

In Mundane astrology the Sign of the lunar eclipse is indicitive of the weather for the next season. This is said by Masha’allah, who lived in 8th century Iraq. He said, “it is fitting to know the Ascendant of the middle of the eclipse, and the one who is in charge of the same Ascendant and its figure. Which if it were a malefic, it will signify impediment and destruction. But if it were a benefic, it will signify fitness. It is also said we can tell by a lunar eclipse the weather for the following season, this would depend if it were in an Air sign, Water sign, Fire sign or Earth Sign.”

The eclipse is occurring in the windy sign of Gemini and is conjunct Jupiter who rules winds and storms. Likewise the Ascendant for the eclipse is Scorpio, a tumultous water sign. We can safely surmise that it will be a stormy windy winter for the west coast of the Americas. But what of the people. One would have to look a the town and location for what the ascendent is during the eclipse. I prefer looking at the Solar eclipse for the fate of the people predicted during the eclipse, and then I prefer to look only for those whom the eclipse is casting its shadow. However. In watching events from eclipses unfold, I believe that is not necessarily correct. My judgement is still out. If this eclipse cycle was to say something about the people on the West Coast of US. So all I will predict on a Mundane level is a stormy winter with high wind.