Astrology Readings

To Schedule an Appointment with me, Dorje
Dorje is available for consultations over the phone, via Skype, or in person. To schedule an appointment, contact him directly in any of the following ways:
• Email:
• Call: +1 707.497.4300
You will be contacted for an appointment within 24 hours.
This is for a 90 minute natal or transit reading. If we have not had an astrology reading before together, first we should we should do a natal reading so I can understand your chart better. , with a recording, a chart print out, and a transit report. If you have had a reading before with me, you would use this option for predictive or life choice counseling.

Some clients like to check in monthly and text whenever pertinent situations arise. To create a “on call” relationship, where you can text or email whenever a question arises and we speak once a month, this is the ideal choice. This is for a subscription which bills once every three months. It includes a 30 minute to hour long reading once a month.

If you enjoy reading the blog and would just like to make a donation use this button. I am raising four kids and need an occasional bottle of good tequila to get through. It is a double edge sword though, as my writing goes down hill after two shots of tequila.

If you would like just an astrology chart and a written report, this button will get you just that sent through email.I will be happy to answer any questions that arise after words by email, with in limit. I get to decide the limit. You wouldn’t really send me 50 questions would you?

Thank you for your support.

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