Astrology Readings in San Francisco. Dec. 4th and 5th.

use astrology as a guide to your own wisdom

use astrology as a guide to your own wisdom

Astrology is one of the oldest arts of guidance and counseling for the matters of living a good life there is. It has been practiced for over 26 thousand years, because it is an incredibly powerful method of reflecting on life and the future. For most of its existence, counseling sessions were given in person. This allowed for a direct interaction between the astrologer, the client, and the divine nature of the moment.

I love giving astrology readings, and I love giving them in person. Readings over the phone or by skype are excellent. With Skype I can illustrate how the chart works on the computer screen. In person though, there is such intimacy, such a wonderful energetic exchange, that the readings are very potent, very powerful. Also, when I travel to the Bay Area and give readings, I give out Single Stroke Serpent talisman paintings to those who come for a reading. I will be in the beautiful city of San Francisco from the afternoon of the 4th through the afternoon of the 5th giving astrology readings. Currently there are 4 time slots available. Please order now to secure your place. The cost for the reading and the serpent talisman as a holiday special is 200. You can see and read about the serpent work here: Serpent Paintings

A 90 minute reading with out a painting is 150.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,
Dorje Kirsten

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