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"The closeness of the relationships between
the entities of Heaven and Earth
is like the mutual response between
a thing and its shadow
or a sound and its echo."
-Master Shao

This site is dedicated to enhancing the understanding and use of astrology as a valuable tool in self-discovery and appreciation for the divine unfolding of the human story. Please come in, explore, and discover more about yourself, your potential, and your life is a mythic journey in the dance of the universe. Heart Astrology is in it's initial stages of development as an astrological resource, so please check back often as our astrological treasure-trove grows with us.

Heart Astrology offers a Monthly Personal Astro-Calendar coaching program.



Dorje L. Kirsten, Classical Astrologer

Dorje Kirsten is a professional astrologer who offers a variety of services to personal and business clients. His method of reading the chart is based primarily on classical, traditional techniques, and informed by nearly 20 years of intensive Buddhist study and practice. Dorje has recieved a CMA (Certified Medieval Astrologer) certification from the AstroLogos school of astrology, having studied with the modern master Beranadette Brady.

There are many approaches to Western astrology. This one is dervied from the Greek Ptolomy and informed by the works of Bonatti, Sahl, Mash'allah. Al Birundi, and Cardan. As the great astrologer Robert Zoller says, "Only what is promised in the natal chart can come forth." Thus the first thing to do is to fully understand what is promised in the Natal Chart, or the Horoscope. After this is done then we can use classical approachs to reading the astrological chart including a review of the Firdaria, Solar return, Progressed chart, Directed chart, and current transits to understand the planetary energies at play in the life.

When all of these aspects are combined, this method of reading the chart is accurate and exacting in terms of addressing current life dilemmas, and insightful in showing potential avenues for personal growth. What arises is a beautiful personal story that the planets and stars bring to your own unique individual mythic journey. For we can not control the fate that is cast upon us, but we can control our dynamic reaction to it, and thus influence our own growth as spiritual beings having a human experience. This is the goal of Heartastrology, to take astrology out of the realm of vague psychological truths and generic predictions into the heart of your experience.

Dorje lives in Arcata, California, with his wife and four children. Astrology readings are done over the phone, through Skype, or in person. Readings are recorded and sent to you.

To schedule a reading with Dorje, please email: appointments@heartastrology.com, or
call (707) 825-9371, or (707) 497-4300.

Please be advised that astrology is meant to be a philosophical tool for exploring the meaning and nature of life. It is in no way meant to be a hard truth meant to base important life decisions on. Any advice that I or any other astrologer gives should not be taken as final and authoritative guidance for your personal life decisions, rather it should be a reflective tool to help you make informed decisions.

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